Cosmo read­ers share their most shock­ing sto­ries and steami­est se­crets.

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“I bought 6-inch heels for a big night out with my boyfriend. I didn’t prac­tice walk­ing in them

and was trip­ping all night. I al­most fell into a swim­ming pool and nearly dragged him in with me. It was so em­bar­rass­ing.”


“I went on a date with an as­pir­ing ac­tor who per­formed a 10-minute mono­logue in which he played a se­rial killer, just to show me how ‘good’ he was. Do I need to men­tion I never saw him again?” — CHEHAL C., 24

“At a work din­ner, the ta­ble was crowded, so I put a plate of spicy fish on a ledge

be­hind me. Of course, I knocked it over and got fishy red sauce all over my white

dress. Gross.”

— SWATI M., 28

“I cheated on my boyfriend two months be­fore my birth­day, and I had no idea the guy I hooked up

with was friends with the girl I threw my birth­day party with. He showed up and I was sick to my stom­ach the whole night, but my boyfriend and my hook-up never crossed paths. Al­most busted!”

—PRIYAN­SHI K., 29 “In col­lege, I put open ketchup pack­ets on my en­emy’s chair. She went up to the chalk­board, and every­one laughed at the red spots on her butt. I felt like

an evil ge­nius.”

—NIKITA C., 24 I slept with the best

friend of my room­mate’s girl­friend, but I never called her

again. Now his girl­friend hates me and won’t come over, so he has to take two dif­fer­ent met­ros to her place if he wants to

see her. Oops!”

— GAU­RAV M., 26 “I planned my boyfriend a 29th-birth­day party and in­vited a guy from his work

whose name I recog­nised. I didn’t re­alise at the time that the rea­son his name was fa­mil­iar to me was be­cause my BF says the worst things about him. I in­vited my guy’s work neme­sis to his

birth­day party!” —SANA R., 27

‘What do you mean you’re all out of cake?’

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