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1. Your vag­ina is: a. The name of your slam-po­etry al­bum.

b. Ca­pa­ble of great things.

c. Shame­ful and dis­gust­ing.

2. Your male boss calls you ‘ honey’ and winks at you, so clearly, you:

a. Jump on his desk, kick his pa­pers around, and scream “Down with the op­pres­sor!”

b. Firmly tell him that it’s not ac­cept­able and de­mand an apol­ogy.

c. Wink, squeeze your jugs, and re­spond in your best baby voice.

3. The guy you’re dat­ing doesn’t love to go down on women. Your re­sponse is:

a. “Good­bye for­ever, woman-hater!”

b. “Are you sure you’re not just re­ally bad at it?”

c. “I’ll still give you head for days. Lucky for you, I hate my­self!”

4. You walk into a club and a ran­dom guy tells you to ‘shake dat ass’. Your re­sponse is to:

a. Karate-chop him in the d*ck, then re­cite the Iggy Aza­lea rap you’ve been work­ing on.

b. Flip him the fin­ger in­side your pocket.

c. Start twerk­ing.

5. You make twice as much money as your boyfriend, and it makes him feel in­se­cure. You de­cide to:


Write him a breakup note on a ` 1,000 note.

b. Sug­gest cou­ples coun­selling to work through it.

c. Give up your board seat to sell or­anges by the high­way. Now he can feel like a man again!

6. Your hottest fan­tasy is:

a. Women ev­ery­where be­ing able to go to school.

b. A three­some on a yacht.

c. Bring­ing hon­our to your hus­band.

Pick a fem­i­nist, any fem­i­nist. Love you, Mindy, Han­nah, Peggy, Dany, Olivia, Les­lie, and Liz!

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