Tom Hardy: “If you think I’m tough, you should see my fi­ancée!”

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He was Bat­man’s masked neme­sis in The Dark Knight Rises, a sav­age cage fighter in War­rior, and now he’s a dark and brood­ing bar­man turned gang­ster in The Drop. In real life though, Tom in­sists he’s noth­ing but a big softie.

“Ha! Me? Tough? No! My fi­ancée Char­lotte has, pound for pound, a bet­ter punch than I do!” Ev­ery one re­minds me of some­thing in my life. An event, a per­son, a place...”

“Ha! I tried! But I do love try­ing to trans­form. I think it’s al­ways good to keep shift­ing. It’s the same phys­i­cal­ity as me, of course, so it’s fun to take on a dif­fer­ent guise and to use that cam­ou­flage.”

“I’d love to. I love work­ing with Chris. I’ll do any­thing with him. It was such an hon­our to be asked to be in those films. Even now, if I stop and think about it, it’s almost over­whelm­ing.”

“My son lives in London with his mother and I need that con­tact with him. It’s so im­por­tant to me. Any time away from him is just crim­i­nal. Also, I am a Lon­doner for­ever. I’m never mov­ing un­til my boy is old enough to move with me if he wants to.”

Tom’s that per­fect com­bi­na­tion of a tough guy with a marsh­mal­low heart Tom and his fi­ancée Char­lotte

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