Son­akshi Sinha

"Guys are At­tracted to Curvy Women"

Cosmopolitan (India) - - FRONT PAGE - By Saumyaa Vohra Photographs by Ar­jun Mark

On Look­ing Good and Keep­ing Fit

“My curves are my favourite fea­ture. Hav­ing a beau­ti­ful body is sub­jec­tive. It just de­pends on the way you nat­u­rally look. If you’re stick-thin, don’t be self-con­scious. The same way, if you’re curvy, don’t keep wish­ing you were skinny. It’s un­fair that peo­ple are forced to con­form to a stan­dard of beauty that may not come nat­u­rally to them. What’s most im­por­tant, re­ally, is to be fit, healthy and happy. Just love the way

you look—and own it!” “The key to stay­ing in shape is lead­ing a life of mod­er­a­tion and bal­ance, more than di­et­ing. Per­son­ally, I love food way too much to give it up. The only thing I wish I could change a lit­tle is my metabolism. It’s al­ways been slow, so my body re­acts way slower to ex­er­cise than it would for other peo­ple. I try to stay healthy

as much as I can with the way I eat, though—I give in and gorge if I’m re­ally crav­ing some­thing (fol­lowed, of course, by an ex­tra 20 min­utes on the tread­mill

in re­pen­tance for my sins!)”

On Why Some­one Else’s Idea of Beauty Shouldn’t In­flu­ence You

“Cin­ema’s im­age of body-beau­ti­ful shouldn’t dic­tate the way an ac­tress sees her­self. In fact, no one should be al­lowed to tell you what’s beau­ti­ful or not. It’s a young girl who’s in school, or col­lege, it’s every­body that’s been sub­jected to this idea that you’ve got to look a cer­tain way to be con­sid­ered good-look­ing. I don’t think any­one should

go through life be­liev­ing that.” “We try not to dis­crim­i­nate based on colour and sex—then what makes size so dif­fer­ent? Peo­ple come in ev­ery pos­si­ble shape, and beauty is learn­ing to love the way you look, and truly en­joy­ing it. There’s a tonne of pres­sure out there—I’m glad I’ve man­aged not to suc­cumb to it, but I worry about the fact that there are girls out

there who do.” “The ac­tresses from back in the day had no body-im­age pres­sure to deal with, and while every­body was ob­sessed with the su­per-skinny thing for a while, I feel like we’re com­ing back to the ‘whole­some-is-beau­ti­ful’ idea again.”

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