Dadavani (English)

The Self Awakens Upon Attaining Gnan


Questioner: After attaining Gnan (the Knowledge of the Self) from You, I feel tremendous bliss. Now my deepest desire is only to attain moksha (ultimate liberation from all karma, from the physical body, and from the worldly cycle of birth and death).

Dadashri: Do you feel tremendous bliss?

Questioner: Yes, I feel tremendous bliss.

Dadashri: That is the bliss of the Self. The Self has awakened! The Self has awakened overnight. All your karma have been crushed to smithereen­s. Don’t You automatica­lly remember the fact that ‘I am pure Soul’? Or do You have to make an effort to remember it?

Questioner: It remains in memory [continuous­ly].

Dadashri: It remains the entire day, doesn’t it? Your salvation is attained!

Questioner: Once the experience of the Self becomes establishe­d, then does nothing else remain?

Dadashri: Yes, it indeed becomes establishe­d. Then, all day long, it indeed remains establishe­d. Not just for one hour, but all day long, it remains constantly establishe­d.

Now that You’ve taken Gnan, You feel a lot of bliss, don’t You? So now the conviction has been establishe­d, hasn’t it? Now meditate on the pure Soul ( Shuddhatma) daily, and read that small booklet that you’ve been given, the Charan Vidhi. Do you read that booklet called the Charan Vidhi?

Questioner: Yes, I read it.

Dadashri: Read it; that is all that needs to be done. Secondly, See the pure Soul in everyone! That does a lot of good. That is the best way.

[Moreover,] If You follow the [five] Agnas (five directives that preserve the awareness as the Self in Akram Vignan), then It [the state as the Self] will remain

very well. The Agnas are Its protective fence; otherwise, all of this will rot away!

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