Dadavani (English)

Do the Charan Vidhi in an Alert State


Questioner: So when should the Charan Vidhi be done?

Dadashri: It can be done any time of the day, when one is in an alert state. At that time, You should say, ‘Chandubhai, do the Charan Vidhi.’ And it [the Charan Vidhi] is for the purpose of remaining on the side of the Self. Whereas all the other vidhis, such as the Namaskaar Vidhi, the Nine Kalams (nine statements in which one asks for energy to the pure Soul within for the highest spiritual intents), they are not for any side [the Self or the non-Self]. [However, in the Charan Vidhi] One recites, “I am like Those who became free from this worldly life.” So are You the Self? Then he replies, “I have always been the Self, what is there for me to question in that? However, I am becoming free from this worldly life!”

Questioner: Otherwise, if we had not remained occupied in these vidhis, then worldly life…

Dadashri: Then you would get sidetracke­d into something else entirely. As it is, you are already in worldly life, you are not able to come out of worldly life. And that is why ‘we’ undertook the greatest of solutions and it has been going on for a long time for ‘us’, even before the Gnan manifested.

The vidhis are going on within ‘us’ on the spot. Yes, when ‘we’ give salutation­s like this to the One [ the absolute Self] within, the vidhi is going on at that time. What is there within? There must be something, that is why [‘we’ do this]!

Questioner: The Lord of the fourteen worlds resides within!

Dadashri: Yes, but ‘our’ vidhi is going on internally. While ‘we’ are talking to you, it is all going on within. That is why

‘we’ do not spend too much time talking. ‘We’ are engaged in some kind of a vidhi; ‘we’ speak when it is absolutely necessary for us to do so. ‘We’ stop the vidhi at that time and attend to the task at hand.

Questioner: Of the two, which is considered of greater importance?

Dadashri: Neither has greater importance. Whatever happens at that time is correct.

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