Dadavani (English)

The Mind Is an Object to be Known, You Are the Knower


Questioner: Something alerts me from within, ‘ Come, let’s start doing Charan Vidhi.’ But then, something within also suggests, ‘After half an hour.’

Dadashri: The one suggesting that is not on Your side; they are all on the side of the opposition. ‘You’ should recognize who is on Your side, shouldn’t You? When You want to do something and it attempts to lead You astray, then know that the one on the side of the opposition has arrived. Do not let it enter inside; You should tell it, ‘Get out.’

Questioner: Who must that be who suggests this? Is it the mind who shows this?

Dadashri: It is all of those on the side of the opposition. ‘You’ should not go along with anything the mind says. If action is taken based on what the mind says, then there will be looting inside. ‘You’ should not do that. The entire world acts according to what the mind says. Whereas this path of liberation means You should act according to Dada’s Agnas.

The Gnani’s Agnas purify the mind. The Knowledge of the Self will give a satisfacto­ry solution to the mind in any circumstan­ce.

Questioner: But the mind remains occupied by thoughts all twenty-four hours of the day.

Dadashri: Let it have thoughts! This is the inherent nature of the poor thing!

Questioner: So is there any kind of a vidhi to come out of that?

Dadashri: Why do you need to come out of it? ‘You’ should keep Seeing what the mind is doing at that moment! [It may think,] ‘My mother-in-law has fallen ill; now she is definitely going to die. If she dies tomorrow morning, then what will happen?’ Hey, why should You listen to the mind? ‘You’ should keep Seeing what the mind is complainin­g about! That is its inherent nature.

Questioner: But so many thoughts are arising that even if I want to read five sentences of the [ Charan] Vidhi, I am not able to read them without disturbanc­e.

Dadashri: The thoughts will arise, the thoughts arise in the mind, it is not as though thoughts ever arise in the Self!

No one would ever believe that the Self has thoughts! Thinking is the inherent function of the mind, but who do you end up disparagin­g in this?

So variations need to be incorporat­ed so that the mind does not get bored. Recite the vidhi, recite the mantra [ Trimantra]. If You don’t give the mind food, then it will devour You. So You have to give it food. In the other, [ the relative, in worldly interactio­ns] it keeps getting food automatica­lly. Before someone has a chance to say anything, you attack. Thus, the mind continues to get such food.

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