Dadavani (English)

The Chit That Wanders Becomes Pure by Seeing It


Questioner: When I sit to do something Dada has given, to recite the Charan Vidhi or something else, my chit (inner component of knowledge and vision) roams everywhere, it wanders a lot. So it does not let me do anything.

Dadashri: That will become purified gradually.

Questioner: If the chit wanders, then will it become pure?

Dadashri: Even then, it will become pure. As You are residing as the pure Soul, at that time the chit becomes pure! ‘You’ can See that, can’t You? So that chit becomes pure. So while doing the vidhi, if You keep Seeing, then the chit becomes pure.

Questioner: But Dada, does it take a long time to pull the chit back?

Dadashri: It does not need to be pulled back, let it keep wandering there.

Tell it, ‘You can wander wherever you want.’ It will go there and come back, that is all! Tell it, ‘No matter how many miles you wander, I am right here.’

Questioner: Dada, I lose that awareness [of it wandering].

Dadashri: That’s fine. No matter how much it wanders at that time, no matter what it does, that’s fine. ‘You’ can tell it, ‘Go wherever you want to!’ Why do You need to keep track of it, after what the Gnani Purush says? The chit will eventually become pure!

Questioner: Even when I am doing Dada’s Charan Vidhi, the chit still wanders, so what should I do?

Dadashri: That’s fine. Your desire should be that it should not wander, if it still wanders, then that’s fine. If the chit wanders while you are doing your worldly work, then it is damaging.

Questioner: Upon waking up in the morning, I first recite the Pratah Vidhi (Morning Prayer), then I recite the Namaskaar Vidhi, and then I recite the Nine Kalams. But my chit loses its link in between this.

Dadashri: It can lose its link, but You should keep Seeing that. ‘You’ should keep Seeing where it is going. It went to the motel and returned. So You Know that it went to the motel and returned. ‘You’ even Know which room it went to. There is no problem even if it wanders. When the chit wanders, You should keep Seeing where it is going. That is considered as fulfilling Your duty. Here [in Akram], we do not have any problem with that.

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