Dadavani (English)

You Should Remain in the State as the Knower


Questioner: If we are sitting here in satsang (spiritual discourse), yet our chit wanders and later returns, then is that ajagruti (the lack of awakened awareness) or it is a shortcomin­g of the prakruti?

Dadashri: That is a function of the prakruti, it is not ajagruti. ‘You’ also Know that it wandered and returned, don’t You?

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: So You are the Knower. It will go out and return. Just as if a goat slips out, it will wander around and later return; what loss does the one who knows this incur? What will happen to the goat keeper if a goat slips out and does not return? However, they will all inevitably return. However many went out from here, they will return on their own when they are hungry. Where else will they go? So You should keep Seeing it [the chit]. Say, ‘Oh! Are you wandering outside? Are you wandering in Bhuleshwar [a vibrant and bustling locality in Mumbai]? Why so? Is it that you want something?’ ‘You’ should question it like this. Some [person’s chit] may be wandering in Bhuleshwar, whereas another’s may even wander in the jewelry store! Where does the chit go?

Questioner: It just goes sometimes.

Dadashri: But what is the problem if it goes? The fault is of the prakruti. ‘You’ do have the jagruti (awakened awareness), that is why You are able to Know this. There is nothing harmful in that. When it goes, if You go with it, then there is a problem. When it goes to the jewelry store and You go along with it, then there is a problem. ‘You’ should remain in Your place and keep Seeing, ‘Oh! It has now gone to the jewelry store; it has gone there.’ ‘You’ Know that, don’t You?

Questioner: Immediatel­y.

Dadashri: Nothing can be purchased as long as You do not accompany it. It cannot shop even if it has taken money along with it. It will come back with the money. Even if it has withdrawn five hundred thousand rupees from your bank, it will still come back. So there is no need to become anxious, as to, ‘What if it buys something? What will happen? Will the money get spent up?’ Nothing of that sort will go. Even if it goes, it will return feeling exhausted. But what loss have You incurred in that?

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