Dadavani (English)

By ‘Reading’, You Can Remain in the Applied Awareness as the Self


When one sings and listens to each and every word of it, then he is considered to have come into Akram Vignan (the stepless Science of Self-realizatio­n). The singer is separate, the listener is separate and the Knower is separate. The Knower Knows that he has not heard each and every word, he has not heard specific words properly.

Questioner: After attaining this Gnan, if I want to recite the Navkar Mantra (mantra paying obeisance to all beings of the universe who are in various stages of Self-realizatio­n), then how should I recite it?

Dadashri: ‘You’ are not to recite the Navkar Mantra. ‘You’ have to Know who is doing it and if it is not done properly, then You should look in the mirror and convey this to Chandubhai. Otherwise, there is no problem with reciting the Navkar Mantra, but You should remain as the Self during that time.

All of you practice doing that today. Close your eyes [and ‘read’ the words of the Navkar Mantra], ‘ Namo Arihantana­m’; each and every letter should be ‘read’. Then ‘ Namo Siddhanam,’ ‘ Namo Aayariyana­m,’ ‘ Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya,’ ‘ Namah Shivaya,’ ‘ Jai Sat Chit Anand.’ ‘Read’ all the way to there, and whatever mistakes are made, correct them the next time around. Try this today and see what happens; the Self will be present. The ‘reader’ at that time is the Self.

Questioner: Is the ‘reader’ the Self?

Dadashri: Yes. Try doing one line at a time! Close your eyes, can you see ‘ Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya’ properly or not? So all the words will be visualized. Are they visible?

Questioner: Yes, they are, Dada.

Dadashri: When You enter within, that is considered applied awareness of the pure Soul. This is not considered meditation. If something like this is set for an hour, if it is ‘read’ like this for an hour, then that is more than enough. That is the greatest upayog (applied awareness as the Self). ‘We’ are showing you what ‘we’ do. ‘We’ are showing you what ‘we’ used to do. ‘You’ have to turn the ‘handle’, don’t You!

Although You are currently remaining as the Knower and Seer, You are doing so at the gross level. ‘You’ will have to go to the subtler levels.

Questioner: The fingers write, the

eyes read, and I can see you; that is what happens.

Dadashri: That is extra. But if you cannot see me and you can ‘read’ that [ the words internally], then it is more than enough. It should ‘read’ very clearly, perfectly; the words should be ‘read’ perfectly, completely with all the letters. There is another way to see Dada, but there should be no adulterati­on when ‘reading’ like this. Uphold this practice of visualizin­g all this. Word by word, with all the letters. Are you able to ‘read’ everything you speak? Then that is considered having spoken it with upayog.

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