Dadavani (English)

Where There Is This Arrangemen­t, It Is Not Mechanical


Questioner: When I do these vidhis in my free time, it feels as if it is done mechanical­ly. There is no upayog in it.

Dadashri: If they are done mechanical­ly, then they are not considered vidhis at all, are they!

Questioner: What should there be so that they are not done mechanical­ly?

Dadashri: Even if you do it mechanical­ly, you should not say that it has been done mechanical­ly. Otherwise, it will definitely become mechanical.

Questioner: What should I say?

Dadashri: You should understand that there is a weakness there. Then that weakness will go away.

Questioner: And what should it be like?

Dadashri: It should be Seen with complete jagruti. I tell everyone to meditate [ on the physical form of Dadashri] at night and then go to sleep. Yet people feel, ‘I cannot visualize the face in its exactness.’ They are not able to visualize the face in its exactness, the way it should be, however, that cannot be considered mechanical. They are trying. It is considered mechanical when you are not even trying; that is called mechanical.

Questioner: I am able to start doing these vidhis in my free time, but that only happens when the arrangemen­t is made, isn’t it? So that definitely cannot be considered mechanical.

Dadashri: Yes, so the arrangemen­t has been made, hasn’t it! How can it happen if the arrangemen­t has not been made? When the arrangemen­t is made, it will happen with jagruti, so then it is not considered mechanical. Even ten percent of it happens with jagruti, doesn’t it? Questioner: It does.

Dadashri: So with ninety percent lack of jagruti, it cannot be considered mechanical. Mechanical is something that continues happening on its own. All the activities carried out by the people of the world are all considered mechanical. There is no inner intent ( bhaav) in it.

Questioner: So when this vidhi is happening, if I start thinking that it is not mechanical, then…

Dadashri: It cannot happen mechanical­ly, how can it happen mechanical­ly? It is considered mechanical when there is no interferen­ce in it on your part. These people outside India all live a mechanical life. They don’t interfere in it.

Questioner: This point is about the vidhis that are being done mechanical­ly…

Dadashri: It cannot be called mechanical. It is not considered mechanical. It is a grave liability to say it is mechanical.

Questioner: It is really not mechanical.

Dadashri: The word mechanical does not apply there!

Questioner: So, on the one hand, the vidhis are going on, but then the attention is somewhere else. On the one hand, the vidhis are going on internally, but on the other hand, my attention is all over the place; that is how it is.

Dadashri: But that bothers you internally, doesn’t it?

Questioner: It does.

Dadashri: If it bothers you, then it cannot be considered mechanical. If it does not bother you, then it is considered mechanical. Even that is not considered to be exactly mechanical. It is not your intention to do it mechanical­ly. To do something mechanical­ly is a different thing.

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