Dadavani (English)

The Speaker, the ‘Reader’, and the Knower


Questioner: Dada, I should have the inner intent that I want to sing, ‘ Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jai Kar Ho (Infinite glorious salutation­s to Dada Bhagwan),’ but from within I feel, ‘I do not want to do it.’ So in such a case, how can I develop my sincerity?

Dadashri: What does sincerity mean? If a person is cutting vegetables and he keeps singing, “Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jai Kar Ho,” then that is not considered sincerity. It is referred to as sincerity when one keeps ‘reading’ whatever is being said, and He remains the Seer of whether what is being ‘read’ is being ‘read’ correctly or not.

Questioner: Dada, we should be ‘reading’ it from within, and what should we do after that?

Dadashri: ‘ You’ should Know whether he is ‘reading’ it properly or not. So there is the speaker, the ‘reader’, and the Knower. The extent to which You remain as the Knower, that is sincerity. When You become the ‘reader’, that comes in second place. And this [being the speaker] comes in third place. People of these three ‘classes’ will reach the ‘station’. However, the internal bliss varies for them. The first one is the bliss of the ‘upper class’.

Questioner: If the Seer that is there at the subtle level Sees, ‘He is not reading properly,’ then what should be done?

Dadashri: No, there is nothing to be done. If You Know that he is not ‘reading’ properly, then You are in the ‘first class’. ‘You’ are the Knower of whether or not he is ‘reading’ properly. Then, if You are ‘reading’ it and he is speaking it, that falls under the ‘second class’. And when you are saying it but not ‘reading’ it, then that falls under the ‘third class’. All three of these ‘classes’ are going to reach the same ‘station’, but the bliss for all three of them will be different.

Questioner: So Dada, what are all these different [states of] bliss? In what way are these different [states of] bliss experience­d?

Dadashri: In the first, the bliss of complete samadhi prevails. As You are the Seer, it means that You have become the Self in its entirety, and when You remain as the ‘reader’, that is sincerity, and when you don’t even ‘read’, that is not sincerity.

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