Dadavani (English)

The Upayog to Remain Free From Sexuality and Kashay


It is worth sitting here and understand­ing this talk. ‘ You’ do not need to do anything. For You, the belief ( drashti) has changed. Now, what do You have to do after the belief has changed? Maintainin­g the belief that ‘I am pure Soul’ is shuddha upayog (pure applied awareness of the Self). To See the pure Soul in the other person is shuddha upayog. Not Seeing the other person as a doer is also shuddha upayog. Now, You should maintain shuddha upayog.

If shuddha upayog does not prevail, then You should maintain an upayog that is free of kashay and sexuality. Meaning, You should maintain such upayog to ensure that sexuality and kashay do not arise. Maintainin­g an upayog which is free of the inclinatio­n towards sexuality and the inclinatio­n towards kashay is considered as upayog, so our spiritual songs are considered to be free from sexuality and kashay. Then, the Charan Vidhi that we do is also considered to be [ upayog that is] free from sexuality and kashay. Then even [while reciting] the Trimantra, the effect [of the upayog] is maintained really well.

When you are alone, then the upayog may not remain. But when everyone comes together and the Trimantra is spoken in unison, then You can remain in upayog, isn’t it? Thus, You should definitely remain in upayog. In fact, You have encountere­d good circumstan­ces to maintain upayog. What do you think?

Questioner: That is correct.

Dadashri: As you have had a multitude of karma [which enables you to attend satsang] coming your way, that is why the circumstan­ce of maintainin­g upayog came about. So You should feel a lot of bliss that, ‘Well, I have encountere­d a good multitude of karma.’ If You cannot do samayik (introspect­ive analysis as the Self), then don’t do it. However, if You do it, then it is good. Whatever You do, You should do it precisely, properly, and You should remain sincere to it. Yes, but it should definitely remain so for You, shouldn’t it! As You are sitting here, Your time is being spent exclusivel­y on satsang, isn’t it? Yet You may still be searching, ‘What is out there that will help to remain in upayog?’ To remain in upayog, You should recite the Trimantra, then You will be able to remain in upayog. And all the tools that we have here are for the purpose of helping One maintain upayog. That is why ‘we’ have said that if you sing the spiritual songs ( pado), then the relative and the Real will carry on parallel to each other. Moreover, all the spiritual songs are such that they bring joy. They are not such that they make you feel bored.

Questioner: While singing the spiritual songs, we may be speaking the words, but the attention may be elsewhere; what is that considered?

Dadashri: That is all considered mechanical. Mechanical means without upayog and when a task is done with upayog, it is considered jagruti.

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