Dadavani (English)

My Obeisance in the Past, Present, and Future, to Dada Bhagwan, the Lord Within

- ~ Jai Sat Chit Anand

In this era of the time cycle, Akram Vignani (the Scientist of the direct path to liberation) Dada Bhagwan has become the bestower of moksha (liberation). ‘He’ would always say, “After attaining this Akram Gnan (Knowledge of the Self through the step-less path), the bondages of worldly life cannot bind You. I remain in the Self and alongside, all the activities of worldly life are also carried out; I am able to do both.” We have attained the Gnan (Knowledge of the Self) of the vitaraag (absolutely detached) Lords, through which we can constantly remain as the Self, and that is why the path to moksha has become even easier than making khichadee (a simple dish made of rice and lentils).

It is extremely rare to come across such a Gnani Purush (One who has realized the Self and is able to do the same for others), and if you do happen to meet Him, it is difficult to recognize Him. Thus, if you are able to truly recognize Him in this lifetime, then Your [spiritual] work will get done. While introducin­g Himself, Dadashri would always say, “The one who is visible in front of you is a Patel from the town of Bhadran, and he has a business as a contractor. Whereas I am actually a Gnani Purush. Dada Bhagwan is actually the Self that has become fully expressed within.”

“That which you see here is not Dada Bhagwan. The One whom you constantly keep rememberin­g is the true Dada Bhagwan! That Dada Bhagwan resides within you, too; He Himself is the living Lord, He Himself is the absolute Self ( Parmatma). ‘He’ is the very One who has manifest within ‘us’ and He is yet to manifest within you.” The ‘lamp’ of the Gnani Purush is lit, so touch the wick of your ‘lamp’ to His, so that your ‘lamp’ will be lit too.

We do bow down to Dada’s physical body. However, at the subtle level, Dada is in the form of jagruti (awakened awareness) and the Agnas (five directives that preserve the awareness as the Self in Akram Vignan). And beyond this, at the subtler level, there is the Gnani Purush, who constantly prevails in the state as the Knower and Seer and has the direct experience of the Self. And looking at it even further, at the subtlest level, Dada is in the form of absolute Knowledge ( keval Gnan), the One who allows us to do darshan of the state that is independen­t, Absolute, the state of the absolute Self. While bowing down to Dada Bhagwan, we should keep this form in the awareness, that He is in the form of the physical body, in the form of the Agnas, in the state of the Gnani Purush, and finally, the original Self that has manifested within. By understand­ing the original form of Dada Bhagwan and bowing down to Him with heartfelt reverence, His energies make their way into us.

Absolutely revered Dada Bhagwan’s enlighteni­ng speech has been compiled here, which gives the exact recognitio­n of Dada Bhagwan and the Gnani Purush. It is our good fortune that in this era of the time cycle, we have received the circumstan­ce of coming across Dada Bhagwan, who never existed in the past and will never again in the future. We will not keep coming across this Lord of the fourteen worlds again and again, so the ardent prayer is that we recognize Him, bow down to Him with heartfelt reverence, and pay off the debt of infinite lifetimes.

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