Dadavani (English)

The Science of the Vitaraag Lords in the Face of the Bondage of Worldly life


Questioner: Dadaji, Jai Sat Chit Anand.

Dadashri: Yes, Jai Sat Chit Anand. Who are you bowing down to, it is to the vitaraag (absolutely detached) Lord, isn’t it? Well, that’s good! When you say, “Namo Vitaraagay­a (I bow to the Ones who are absolutely free from all attachment and abhorrence),” it reaches the original Self. It reaches anyone who is vitaraag (absolutely free from attachment and abhorrence).

Questioner: How are you able to remain detached from this worldly life?

Dadashri: Wi t h complete vitaraagat­a (total absence of attachment and abhorrence). ‘We’ run a business, pay all the income taxes and sales taxes; even with a hundred ‘swords’ of worldly life hanging over ‘us’, ‘we’ remain in vitaraagat­a. Even if someone were to cut off my hand, vitaraagat­a would remain. The bondage of worldly life cannot bind us at all, that is how this Science of the vitaraag Lords is. The Self is such that It can never be bound by anything. The path to moksha (liberation) is not difficult, the path of worldly life is difficult. The path to moksha is the easiest of all. To make khichadee (a simple dish made of rice and lentils) is more difficult than that!

Questioner: The Akram path (stepless, direct path to Self-realizatio­n) that You speak of may be fine and easy for a Gnani like You. However, for ordinary people like us, those who have to live and work in worldly life, it is a bit difficult. So what is the solution for that?

Dadashri: God has manifested within the Gnani Purush (the One who has realized the Self and is able to do the same for others), the Lord of the fourteen worlds has manifested within Him; if you meet such a Gnani Purush, then what remains to be done? It is not to be done through your own energy, it will happen through His grace. Through His grace, all kinds of changes can happen. Therefore, anything you ask for here will get accomplish­ed.

‘You’ do not need to ‘do’ anything. ‘You’ simply have to remain in the Agnas of the Gnani Purush. The Gnani Purush has all the Science that cannot be found in the scriptures. As far as the scriptures are concerned, there is no option but to renounce everything.

I am able to carry out a conversati­on with you. Thus, I can live in worldly life and I can also remain as the Self; I am able to do both. I carry out all the activities of worldly life that need to be carried out. It is possible for me to live in worldly life and to also remain [as the Self]. Despite living in worldly life, if One is not affected by worldly life, that is referred to as samkit (the right belief of ‘I am pure Soul’). That is attained through the grace of the Gnani Purush. God has manifested within the Gnani Purush!

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