Dadavani (English)

Why Is There a Difference Between the Gnani and God?


Questioner: You are a Gnani as well as the Seer ( Drashta), so then what is the relationsh­ip between you and Dada Bhagwan?

Dadashri: Dada Bhagwan is at 360 degrees, whereas I have failed in reaching keval Gnan (absolute Knowledge) by four degrees. That is why I have to sit with you. Had I not failed, then I would have gone to moksha. But I failed in the fourth era of the time cycle, so I had to come to this fifth era of the time cycle. There is a difference of just four degrees. That is why I worship Dada Bhagwan like this [joining the two hands together as a display of reverence], I have to complete those four degrees, don’t I?

Now, Dada Bhagwan has manifested within, but why does a separation remain between Him and me? The answer to that is, there are times when we are separate and there are times when we even become one. Now, the reason a separation remains is because there is a difference between the two of us; He is at 360 degrees and I am at 356 degrees. So, for those four degrees, I receive additional Light from Him. Now, I do not lack that Light for anything else in this world; the shortage is only there for the degrees of keval Gnan. Keval Gnan has come into my understand­ing. Moreover, keval Gnan is present for me, but I am not able to digest it. So those four degrees help for this case. So what do I do to Dada Bhagwan? What do I say when I put my hands together like this? When I say this [“I bow down to Dada Bhagwan”], then ‘flowers’ begin to blossom within. Is there anything harmful in this?

Questioner: Nothing at all.

Dadashri: Dada Bhagwan is within. This [physical body] is not Dada Bhagwan, this is Ambalal Patel. ‘We’ are a Gnani Purush, and moreover, what kind of a Gnani? The One in whom there is not even a trace of intellect.

As long as there is intellect, one cannot attain [ keval] Gnan. There is strong enmity between the intellect and Gnan; the intellect does not allow Gnan to arise. Once the intellect is completely destroyed, keval Gnan happens. The intellect is darkness; the intellect is not a light. The intellect is a light for those who are ‘blind’, whereas keval Gnan is a Light for Those who can See.

Questioner: What is keval Gnan?

Dadashri: Keval Gnan means everything in the world, all the objects to be known and seen ( gneya-drashya) are Seen. This is because One is the Knower and Seer, so He can See everything. Keval Gnan is Knowledge in which no object is

left out in being Seen. All the objects to be known are Known. All the objects to be seen are also Seen. So what we have seen [through the physical eyes] may be false, but this is not false.

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