Dadavani (English)

What ‘We’ Lack in Keval Gnan


Questioner: In what way do you lack four degrees?

Dadashri: It does not pertain to worldly matters. It does not harm all of you from taking benefit; however, that which lies ahead which ‘we’ have yet to Know, the subtlest part that remains to be Known, because of that, the Absolute Gnan cannot be called complete. There is a small shortcomin­g in the Absolute [ Gnan]. Actually, It is Absolute, ‘ we’ are actually able to remain in the absolutely independen­t state ( niralamb); however, the rest of the world remains to be Known, ‘we’ can understand it, but ‘we’ cannot Know [experience] it.

Otherwise, I would be able to describe it all. I would describe everything that Lord Mahavir had described. As it is, at present, I have to give many of the descriptio­ns that Lord Mahavir had given. For some things that you ask about, I have to say what Lord Mahavir had said in my answer. Yes, some of it is mine, but some of it is His.

So, four degrees are lacking. These four degrees are such that they do not cause harm to anyone. However, the four degrees that are lacking are the final veils, they are the subtlest veils, those have not left yet. On the basis of this, those things which I should Know, I do understand, but I do not Know them.

I should be able to See the entire world in keval Gnan, but I am not able to See it. I am not able to See what will happen a moment from now. I am not even able to See whether I will go by bus or in some other way. All of that can be Seen in keval Gnan. I will go from here by bus, the bus will get into an accident on the way, that can be Seen too. However, They [those with keval Gnan] have no qualm about it. Then, even if They are to drown in the ocean, They have no qualm about it. So, the entire world can be Seen in keval Gnan; ‘we’ are not able to See that, nor are ‘we’ in a rush to reach [that state].

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