Dadavani (English)

I Failed Keval Gnan, That Is Why I Am Helpful to Others


Questioner: Can you see anything of the past or future in your Gnan? Are you able to know any such thing?

Dadashri: No, I do not have such knowledge that I can see that. I can only talk about what lies between Atma Gnan and keval Gnan.

I am alert every second and I am alert in 356 degrees. It is because I am not alert in four degrees that I failed and have come here. It is because I failed in keval Gnan that I have become helpful to you, as a ‘monitor’. This is something that is not likely to happen in millions of years. It is simply that if you meet an expert, then Your [ spiritual] work will get done. There is nothing else to it. So whatever work You want to get done, You can do so. Even if you want everlastin­g happiness, you will get that here.

My ‘class’ is completely different; it is the ‘class’ of keval Gnan. It is simply that I have failed in keval Gnan, that is all. I do not have a problem with that. Why should I be concerned with that? Whether I attain moksha sooner or later, I constantly experience moksha. Moksha means the feeling of being free ( muktabhaav), being free from intents ( bhaav). There is not a single worldly intent that enters here. It cannot bind the Gnani Purush through intent. Anyone can bind a worldly intent, people see something and bind [a worldly intent]; ‘we’ do not bind in that way. So it benefits people. Because I have failed by this much, people are benefittin­g from it.

This has never happened in the world; something like this has not happened in a million years! This is the first time. This is because the degree through which One attains keval Gnan, if someone fails in that, then he does not stick around. I alone have stayed back, so I have ended up benefittin­g you. Do you understand this?

Questioner: Yes, yes, Dada.

Dadashri: I have come here to give all the explanatio­ns of the entire world to everyone. I am a nimit (evidentiar­y instrument) and I am in no hurry to go to moksha. I indeed remain in moksha, always.

This Gnan is a marvel, isn’t it! The Gnan that is in the heart of the Sarvagnya (the omniscient One; the Knower of all the eternal elements) resides in ‘our’ heart. Without the emergence of the state of the Sarvagnya, no one can See a single thing. I can See every eternal element as it is. In this world, there is not a single parmanu (the smallest, most indivisibl­e and indestruct­ible particle of inanimate matter), not a single eternal element that is outside my Gnan. I am the Gnani (Knower) of every eternal element in the world.

I have not remained outside the state of Knowledge ( Gnan Swaroop) for even a second, never. To not remain outside the state of Knowledge for even a second is referred to as keval Gnan. Keval Gnan is different and keval Gnan Swaroop ( the Real ‘ I’; the original Self) is diff erent. Keval Gnan means all the objects to be known ( gneya) are illuminate­d. Not all the objects to be known are illuminate­d for ‘us’, but many of the objects to be known have illuminate­d, and that is why you get to hear about many novel concepts by listening to ‘our’ speech and you get to know about novel profound points. All the points are new and all the points are beyond the scriptures! They are actually all phases of keval Gnan, but they have not been illuminate­d completely. It falls short by four degrees. That is why I remain as a Gnani Purush. That is why I do not call myself God ( Bhagwan). If I had attained keval Gnan, then I would be considered God, but that is not possible in the current era of the time cycle.

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