Dadavani (English)

Dada Bhagwan Is the Lord of the Fourteen Worlds


Questioner: What do you mean when you say that the Lord of the fourteen worlds has manifested?

Dadashri: ‘He’ resides within you too. The Lord of the fourteen worlds has manifested means that the Self has manifested in full scale, no veils remain anymore.

That which the Self can See is called keval Gnan. That is indeed why ‘we’ said, “‘We’ have not digested keval Gnan.” In spite of having so much Gnan, the entire world came into ‘our’ Darshan, but it has not come into ‘our’ Gnan. And what is keval Gnan like? Nothing at all remains [to be Known] whatsoever. Hence, ‘we’ realized that It has now stopped at this degree. ‘We’ have said that It is at 356 degrees, but It does not become 357 degrees, nor do ‘we’ even want to make It so, nor is it ‘our’ wish to. Why should ‘we’ worry? Dear vyavasthit, do it when you have the need for it! Once ‘we’ have sat in the train, the driver has to worry about everything!

Just as it is written in the books, ‘we’ are A. M. Patel and Dada Bhagwan has manifested within and He is the Lord of the fourteen worlds. Thus, that which has never been heard of before has manifested here.

One man told me, “By sitting with you, I feel completely at peace.” So I told him, “I am sitting beside the Lord of the fourteen worlds and you are sitting beside me. Forget about peace, it is actually bliss that prevails here!” Infinite bliss prevails within ‘us’, the One who is absolutely free from any expectatio­n, [the One who is in] the state that is free from expectatio­ns.

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