Dadavani (English)

After Meeting Such a God, the Responsibi­lity Lies With Him


The Lord of the fourteen worlds has manifested within, I am giving the guarantee of that. This is because He still cautions even me, He still shows me my faults! Which faults do I have? The subtlest faults, those which are not harmful to the world, yet they are considered faults, He shows me those faults. So what must that Lord of the fourteen worlds be like? ‘We’ have Seen such a Lord. That is why ‘we’ have never had the desire to become God. ‘We’ have never had even the desire to become God. After such a God has manifested, why would ‘we’ become God? Who would take on such a responsibi­lity?

Questioner: You will not be able to escape from the responsibi­lity.

Dadashri: No, this is not about escaping from it, but this is the responsibi­lity of becoming God, who would take on that responsibi­lity unnecessar­ily? God resides within, if He were not there, then ‘we’ would have to take on the responsibi­lity! If God had not manifested within, then ‘we’ would have to take it on. ‘He’ has manifested, so why would ‘we’ take on that responsibi­lity? If the person in charge is at home, then what business is it of ours to give commands to others? The person in charge will keep doing it!

The Lord of the fourteen worlds has manifested within ‘us’ completely. Neverthele­ss, ‘we’ say that that state is not ‘ours’. Why is that? It is because the slightest faults that lie within ‘us’, faults which the world cannot understand, He points out those subtlest faults to ‘us’. ‘He’ shows ‘us’ all of the subtlest faults, not a single one is left out. So He shows ‘us’ the faults and ‘we’ are the Knower. It is because He showed ‘us’ the faults that ‘we’ have come to know of them. Based on this, I know what the One who provides this illuminati­on must be like. So the One within is the complete incarnatio­n, the complete state, He has manifested completely! And He does not refrain from showing ‘us’ all of ‘our’

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