Dadavani (English)

To Do the Darshan of Gnan, the Gnani’s Darshan Is a Prerequisi­te


Questioner: Those who come to do your darshan, are they doing darshan of the Gnani or are they doing darshan of the Gnani’s Gnan?

Dadashri: They are doing darshan of both, the Gnani and the Gnan. If they do not do darshan of both, then it remains incomplete. It is necessary that they do darshan of the Gnani and when does the darshan of the Gnan happen? They do darshan of the Gnani first, and darshan of the Gnan happens subsequent­ly; that is discretion, that is humility, that much humility is needed alongside. If you look with understand­ing, then a solution will come about for you. Otherwise, if you see a person as a tax collector, then you will become like a tax collector. To attain Gnan, recognize the Gnani; there is no other way.

Questioner: Are you saying that to recognize the Gnani is itself a big thing?

Dadashri: Yes, that itself is a big thing, it is a very big thing! Upon recognizin­g [the Gnani], the ‘boat’ sails across! However, if one does not recognize [the Gnani], then someone such as yourself will tell him, “Dear fellow, recognize [Him] and do darshan properly.” So he moves ahead.

You must have made some resolve, that is why you have met this Gnani Purush. Otherwise, the darshan of the Gnani Purush is extremely, extremely difficult to attain, a hundred times over, that is what has been said by Krupaludev [Self-realized Gnani who lived between 1867- 1901]. He says, “That which is difficult to attain even in the good eras of the time cycle, how can that become easily attainable in this era of the time cycle?” In fact, it is because you have done some form of true worship; otherwise, is one likely to come across the Gnani Purush? Krupaludev has said that the Gnani Purush is indeed the absolute Self in a bodily form ( dehadhaari Parmatma).

These days, it is difficult to attain a human life-form in the next life. So the fact that you have come across ‘us’ in this day and age is itself a great wonder! It is when one has the unfolding merit karma that has been accumulate­d over tens of millions lifetimes, when there is such tremendous, wonderful merit karma, that one comes across ‘us’. Otherwise, darshan of Dada would not happen, the One in whom the Lord of the entire universe has fully manifested! ‘He’ is ready to give whatever you ask for. You

would [normally] never come across Him. In fact, what is the reason you have met Him? It is because of your immensely great unfolding merit karma.

Very rarely does the Lord of the fourteen worlds manifest like this. I say this upon Seeing Him for myself.

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