Dadavani (English)

Subtle Dada Will Be Present for Thousands of Years


Questioner: Dada Bhagwan is the Lord of the fourteen worlds, what more could one possibly need besides Him?

Dadashri: ‘ He’ is the Lord of fourteen worlds, but how can you catch hold of Him? You can recognize Him as long as this body in the form of a temple is around. Now, what about when the ‘temple’ itself is no more? Yes, the One who is visible through the physical eyes is indeed believed to be Dada. However, the original Dada Bhagwan is separate. The Dada [A. M. Patel] that you see is different and besides this, the interim part, that is subtle Dada.

Questioner: You mentioned the intention ( bhaavna) for Dada should be that of subtle Dada, what kind of intention should it be?

Dadashri: As long as there is nididhyasa­n (a state which begins with visual contemplat­ion of Dadashri’s physical form, Dadashri’s words, the deeper meaning of Dadashri’s words, all the way to contemplat­ion of Dadashri’s Real form), there will be no problem of any kind. If you look for the physical presence, then there will be a problem.

Questioner: And what if one has nididhyasa­n of this very murti [Dada’s physical body], then will there not be any problem?

Dadashri: It will remain ‘ first class’ [of top order]. It will remain ‘high class’. You will be able to visualize Him moving, walking, and talking; all of that will prevail. You will not only see Him, but together with that you feel as if He is with you. You even see Him talking [ to you]. ‘ He’ [ subtle Dada] will last forever. Even when ‘we’ are not around, subtle Dada will be present for thousands of years.

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