Dadavani (English)

How Many Times Should We Bow Down to Dada?


Questioner: How many times do I have to bow down to Dada Bhagwan in order to make a daily connection with you?

Dadashri: Counting will take a lot of time. If I tell you to do it a hundred times, then you will keep counting.

Questioner: But Dada, we do have to count forty times for Simandhar Swami.

Dadashri: Count for Him. Dada should constantly remain with You.

Questioner: It is true that He should constantly remain with us. That will happen.

Dadashri: For Simandhar Swami, if you want to count forty times, then do so, “One, two, three, four…”

Questioner: When we recite the Namaskar Vidhi ( The Vidhi of Salutation­s), we bow down with reverence to the Panch Parmeshthi Lords ( fi ve levels of enlightene­d beings, ranging from the Ones who have attained Selfrealiz­ation to the Ones who have attained final liberation), the Om Parmeshthi Lords (those who have gained entry on the path to liberation), the Tirthankar Lords (the absolutely enlightene­d Lords who can liberate others), the shaasan dev-devi (the celestial beings who protect the spiritual reign of a particular God); at that time, what should be visible in front of us?

Dadashri: A statue of Dada should be in front of your eyes.

Questioner: A photo?

Dadashri: A photo.

Questioner: All the attachment ( raag) we build up towards Dada, that attachment will once again discharge in our next life, won’t it?

Dadashri: The attachment towards me reaches Simandhar Swami.

Mahatmas: Jai Sat Chit Anand!

Questioner: But Dada too is going to be like Simandhar Swami, isn’t He?

Dadashri: Why do I need to be like that; He is certainly around, so why do I need to be like that?

Questioner: Dada, you are as good as having become like Him, aren’t you?

Dadashri: ‘Our’ only intention is that these people attain salvation.

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