Dadavani (English)

As You Get To Know the Manifested One, You Gradually Become That Form


This [ A. M. Patel] is not Dada Bhagwan, the One who has manifested within, the One who is the Lord of the entire universe, He is Dada Bhagwan! That Dada Bhagwan resides within you, too, but He has not yet manifested. ‘He’ should come into the state of complete illuminati­on. Now He will begin to come into the state of complete illuminati­on.

Now, if the intellect becomes involved in this, then it will spoil things. Thus, tell the intellect, ‘Keep doing the worldly tasks you are doing. Do not interfere in this. I am assigning you to handle all the aspects of the relative, and all the aspects of the Real will be handled by Gnan.’ This is considered Gnan. The Gnan has been given to You; later, It will fully manifest, perfectly, to Vignan swaroop (the embodiment of absolute Knowledge). Currently, God resides within you in the form of Gnan, that will eventually become Vignan swaroop! Once It becomes Vignan swaroop, It is considered the state of God.

The Gnan ‘we’ have given You is there in exactness. Whatever understand­ing has taken place within You, that much is Yours. The rest of the understand­ing has not been attained yet. The Gnan that has been given to You in Its original form, the exactness of that original form has not yet manifested in You completely. Until then, it will appear to be increasing. Otherwise, this Gnan is one and the same; It is solely in Its original form. However, once It comes into exactness in Its original form, there will no longer be any increase or decrease. What is this increase and decrease? The Vision ( Drashti) that You have attained increases day by day. It is trying to come into the original form. It is trying to come into the form that was given to You.

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