Dadavani (English)

There Is the Compassion of the Gnani Behind That


‘You’ will encounter everyone else in the world, but You will not encounter ‘I’, the Gnani, Ambalal. Who is the ‘I’? The ‘I’ is Dada Bhagwan, this [the bavo: identifica­tion in the form of a title] is the Gnani and Ambalal is a Patel. ‘I’, the Gnani, Ambalal will not be encountere­d [anywhere else]. This circumstan­ce will not materializ­e [anywhere else], all other circumstan­ces will materializ­e. God Himself will not manifest. Here, He has. ‘He’ is the Lord of the entire universe; ‘we’ give You a guarantee of that. However much connection one makes with Him, that is all his to keep.

Actually, it is ‘we’ who are making these three divisions: ‘I’, the Gnani, and Ambalal. There is compassion behind making these three divisions. In reality, there are only two divisions; Dada Bhagwan and Ambalal, there are only two. But the reason for making three divisions is that these are the living beings of Dushamkaal (the current era of the time cycle, characteri­zed by strife and contention), and they are prone to suspicion. These unnecessar­y suspicions lead to their own ruin. That is why these three divisions have been made. At least suspicions will not arise!

One will feel at peace. Yes, it is to ensure that absurdity does not arise now. In reality, there are only two. Krupaludev has actually said, “The Gnani Purush is Himself the absolute Self in a bodily form.” But the reason behind making these three divisions is compassion. It is so that those who have come here do not run away or are led astray from here.

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