Dadavani (English)

Recognizin­g the Gnani Purush


Questioner: How can the Gnani Purush be recognized?

Dadashri: The Gnani Purush is such that He can be easily recognized. ‘His’ fragrance is identifiab­le. The environmen­t around Him is entirely unique! ‘His’ speech is entirely unique! ‘He’ can be identified through His words. Oh, He can be identified simply by taking a look into His eyes. Putting everything else aside, the Gnani Purush gives a lot of assurance, tremendous assurance! And each and every word of His is in the form of scriptures, provided they are understood. ‘His’ speech, actions, and humility win over people’s minds, they are such that they captivate the mind. So, He has numerous characteri­stics.

The Gnani Purush is beyond the intellect ( abudha). The One who Knows the Self is absolutely blissful and does not have any misery, even in the slightest extent. That is why your salvation can happen through Him. The One who has attained His own salvation can bring about your salvation. The One who has been liberated can liberate you. Through Him, hundreds of thousands of people can swim across the ocean of worldly life and attain liberation.

Shrimad Rajchandra (a Self-realized Gnani Purush who lived between 1867-1901) has said that who is a Gnani Purush? ‘He’ is the One who does not have any type of desire ( spruha) in the slightest extent, He has no beggary of any kind in the world, He has no beggary even for giving spiritual instructio­n ( updesh), nor does He have beggary for gathering disciples, He has no beggary to change anyone for the better, He has no subtle pride of doership ( garva), He does not wallow in worldly pleasures ( garavata), He does not have the subtlest of egoism ( potapanu).

[After attaining Gnan,] To follow Dada’s Agnas (five directives that preserve the awareness as the Self in Akram Vignan) does not mean that they are A. M. Patel’s Agnas.

The Agnas are of Dada Bhagwan Himself, the One who is the Lord of the fourteen worlds; ‘we’ are giving you the guarantee of this. As it turns out, this discussion [about the Agnas]

has been expressed through me. So You should follow the Agnas. They are not my Agnas, they are Dada Bhagwan’s Agnas. ‘We’, too, remain in these Agnas, don’t ‘we’!

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