Dadavani (English)

The Real Purusharth to Experience the State of the Pure Soul

- ~ Jai Sat Chit Anand

When the mahatmas (those who have received Self-realizatio­n through Gnan Vidhi) of Akram Vignani (the Scientist of the direct path to liberation) absolutely revered Dadashri attain Knowledge of the Self, They immediatel­y attain Their own state, that of the pure Soul. Now, the only goal is to ascend the ladder that starts from the pure Soul and reaches all the way to keval Gnan (absolute Knowledge). While completing the remaining responsibi­lities in worldly life, meaning to remain as the Self while completing the remaining worldly interactio­ns and to attain keval Gnan, is the only Purusharth (real spiritual effort to progress as the Self) that needs to be undertaken.

There are two types of purusharth: one is illusory effort and the other is the real Purusharth which arises after One becomes the Purush (the Self). For One to See what Chandubhai is doing is Real Purusharth. And what is illusory effort? The intent (bhaav) that is present or not present when something is taking place, that is illusory effort. In illusory effort, there is an intent involved and in Real Purusharth, One is the Knower-Seer. After becoming the Self, if One remains as the Knower-Seer, or if He remains in Dada’s five Agnas (five special directives given by the Gnani Purush after Gnan Vidhi), then that is considered Real Purusharth.

In the current edition, in many places Pujya Dadashri has given the Agnas as the solution of entangleme­nts mahatmas face in worldly interactio­ns. The explanatio­n of how to remain in the subtle jagruti (awakened awareness) when facing difficulti­es in following the Agnas has been provided here. ‘I am pure Soul,’ ‘I am not at all the doer,’ ‘I am only the Knower-Seer’; this jagruti is the Real Purusharth. Now the karma from the past life obstruct mahatmas from remaining in the state of the Knower-Seer, and to do Penance and remain in saiyam (anger, pride, deceit and greed that is within control) in the face of that karma, and to See Chandubhai as separate is Purusharth. To See Chandubhai as separate is the ultimate Knowledge.

Pragnya (the direct light of the Self) makes One do the Purusharth of Seeing Chandubhai as separate. The resolve of remaining in the Agnas is also Purusharth. As One progresses as per the resolve that He has made, He gradually moves from Purusharth to parakram (extraordin­ary spiritual effort). Purusharth is to remain in the Agnas and to experience Your own state of the pure Soul, and furthermor­e, Purusharth is to prevail in the natural state as the Self without the use of the Agnas. This result will only come by following the Agnas, so firstly there is the Purusharth of following the Agnas and from that swabhaavik Purusharth (the effort to remain as the Self, to Know and See) will eventually arise.

Now when will mahatmas begin doing Purusharth? It is precisely when mahatmas See their own faults impartiall­y that Purusharth will begin. Who does Dada’s grace fall upon? It is on the mahatmas that are sincerely doing Purusharth to experience the state of the pure Soul; Dada’s silent grace, His blessings will always be with them. The ardent prayer is that in this era of the time cycle, through Akram Gnan (Knowledge of the Self through the step-less path) mahatmas ascend the ladder of the Purusharth to become ekavatari (a state whereby one will attain final liberation after just one more life) by following the Agnas.

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