Dadavani (English)

The Vitamin of the Pure Soul for Jagruti


Those who can maintain jagruti should do only one thing: whenever a thought arises in the mind, they should say, ‘You are the gneya (object to be known) and ‘I’ am the Gnata (the Knower).’ As soon as they say this, it will immediatel­y settle in place. Those who cannot maintain jagruti should continue recalling Dada or keep saying, ‘I am pure Soul’ or keep chanting, ‘I am pure Soul.’ If one activity is being done, then the other activity will stop. Only one activity can be carried out at a time. And it is very beneficial if one can recite ‘I am pure Soul’ with such focus that he can visualize each letter the way it is written in the book. You should be able to see the exact letters in the words ‘pure’ and ‘Soul’. If you recite it while visualizin­g all the letters, then that is very good. You should be able to visualize them without a book. If you recite like that, then that is best. If you can’t do it all day long, then even if you do it for an hour, that is still great. You should make all the arrangemen­ts. You can read the spiritual songs (pad) for an hour, you can do this [recite ‘I am pure Soul’ while visualizin­g the letters] for an hour, you can do a combinatio­n of these things. ‘You’ should make sure to not stray outside of Your ‘circle’. ‘You’ should not go outside the ‘circle’ of the pure

Soul. What is considered the ‘circle’? The ‘circle’ is the Agnas that ‘we’ have given You. ‘You’ should remain within that ‘circle’. Otherwise, [if you say,] “I am having a thought” and you get pulled into it, then there will never be an end to that, will there! The pure Soul does not change because of that, the opinion [that ‘I am pure Soul’] does not change; however, a ‘stain’ does form.

The more You make the thoughts a gneya (an object to be Known), the stronger the Gnatapad (the state as the Knower) will become. To See [the thoughts as gneya] is a vitamin for the pure Soul. What would One See if no thoughts were to arise? Then how would It get the vitamin?

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