Dadavani (English)

To ‘See’ Chandubhai Is the Ultimate Gnan


Questioner: Separation certainly happens in the Gnan you impart, but is any shortcomin­g left on my part in that?

Dadashri: No. There is no shortcomin­g. Where do the inner tendencies (vrutti) go and where do they come from? And what do they bring back? And what do they take away? ‘You’ have to See all that. And for now, do not have any greater expectatio­ns beyond that. For now, if You can See this much, it is more than enough. The Lord has said, “Even if You cannot See the inner tendencies, attachment and abhorrence are not happening, are they?” If one replies, “No,” then it is settled!

Now, what do You have to See? ‘You’ only need to See the unfolding karma of the pudgal. When the karma unfolds with a lot of force and is heavy, the Seeing will be hazy. So You will not realize that You are to See it and You will miss out in that. If the unfolding karma is light, then the karma continues to unfold and You will continue to See it. To See Chandubhai is the ultimate Gnan.

Questioner: Our upayog should only be to continuous­ly See in that way; so what activity should I do to maintain the upayog of Seeing even more?

Dadashri: The circumstan­ces should be towards this side, towards satsang.

Questioner: My circumstan­ces are not such. So is it better if there is solitude?

Dadashri: Solitude is certainly more beneficial, isn’t it! But where can one find solitude? Where can one find such merit karma that he has no circumstan­ces?! These circumstan­ces themselves cause misery, don’t they!

Questioner: Now, what do you consider to be solitude?

Dadashri: When You do not encounter other circumstan­ces, when there is no one to interfere, when You are independen­t. Then You continue Seeing what Chandubhai is doing. When You set the upayog, everything continues to be Seen.

Questioner: If ‘I’ come to Know what arose within and what passed by, then…

Dadashri: Then that Itself is Gnan. ‘You’ will not See Chandubhai entirely. But You will be able to See all that arose and passed by within, that is the first Gnan. Then gradually it [the jagruti] becomes complete. The world is not aware of what arises and passes by. First, You have to See the gross. In that way, it will advance to the subtle level. Then eventually You will be able to See Yourself as completely separate.

Questioner: I cannot See that!

Dadashri: That will happen gradually. It does not happen right away. One cannot do that even for an hour. Even for ‘us’, if there is a circumstan­ce, then it does not remain exactly!

Questioner: So you are also referring to solitude, that solitude is a good thing.

Dadashri: But you should not create solitude by pushing others away. You should not create solitude by pushing anyone away. Circumstan­ces by their very nature are such that they will dissociate on their own.

Questioner: If we look at it that way, then nothing in the form of circumstan­ce affects us. If we want to remain asang (free from associatio­n), then we can remain asang amidst anything.

Dadashri: ‘You’ can, You can happily remain so. ‘You’ indeed are asang. That is how the pure Soul is. ‘I’ am indeed asang. ‘I’ am indeed nirlep (unanointed). As that [wrong] belief has broken, it is gone. That was a wrong belief. That is why people say, “How can I be considered asang?” Don’t people say that? Whereas You Yourself understand that the wrong belief is broken.

Questioner: Is solitude beneficial for our ‘file number one’ [Dada’s special term in Akram Vignan to refer to one’s relative self] or not?

Dadashri: It is beneficial. Solitude is very beneficial. When we are all sitting around, ‘we’ lie down, close ‘our’ eyes and look for solitude. Otherwise if my eyes are open and someone looks at ‘us’, then solitude will not remain, will it! Do you experience that?

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