Dadavani (English)

Where the Jagruti Is Dim, Effects Will Continue


Questioner: The state of complete fearlessne­ss isn’t arising. Since the state of being unaffected hasn’t arisen, there isn’t fearlessne­ss to that extent. It’s a bit less.

Dadashri: No matter how much you see on the outside, if it does not affect You on the inside, that is called nirlepta. This is because You are the pure Soul; the pure Soul never has an effect of any kind. This is because It is not effective. But the fact that you do end up getting affected is because the jagruti falls a bit short at that time. In such a case, You should say, ‘Chandubhai, why are you taking this upon yourself? What do you have to do with this?’ This is all; You should say this much. That way, it becomes separate. ‘You’ should maintain that much jagruti. Or if You are not able to do anything else, then become free by saying, “This is not My Real form as the Self (Swaroop).”

Questioner: Dada, such Gnan does prevail. ‘Why did I get involved in this? This is relative.’

Dadashri: Neverthele­ss, it still happens. When that happens, instead of saying, ‘It is relative,’ by saying, ‘This is not My Real form as the Self,’ everything will separate. What ‘we’ have said is, “This is Your Real state, and that is not.” So when You say, “This is not mine,” there is separation. Then it will not stick to You at all.

Questioner: In however many things there is engrossmen­t (tanmayata), there is that much deficiency, isn’t there?

Dadashri: Yes, precisely that! So, there is no other reason for the engrossmen­t. It is simply that the jagruti becomes dim. Why does the jagruti become dim? It is due to the practice of the past. So, if You place a little more jagruti in this, then it immediatel­y settles down, it becomes separate. No matter how bad my health becomes, when people say, “Dada, today your health is not good,” I respond, “Nothing has happened to me. What is going to happen?”

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: I travel to so many villages, but nothing happens to me. What is going to happen? Upon saying, “It has happened to me,” it sticks!

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