Dadavani (English)

Envisionin­g the Pure Soul


What is the inherent nature (Swabhaav) of the Self? It is achintya chintamani (a ‘jewel’ that cannot be envisioned, but can fulfill all that one envisions). So, one immediatel­y becomes whatever is envisioned!

The Self is kalpaswaro­op (in the form of infinite creative ability through envisionin­g). Therefore, once the light of the Self goes ‘out’ [beyond the Self], the ego (ahamkaar) arises. The Self itself does not envision (chintave), but as soon as the ego falsely attributes and then envisions, the correspond­ing vikalp (‘I am Chandubhai’ and all the relative ‘I-ness’ that stems from it) happens!

The Self is full of infinite energy! It is possible for all kinds of energies to emerge from within; however many energies You are able to extract, that many are Yours. However, the bhaan (awareness arising from any experience as the Self) of those infinite energies must arise at least once! Here, because one envisions (chintavan) the inverse, the puzzlement arises. If the pure Soul is envisioned just once, then it will subsequent­ly remain on its own. One does not have to do anything at all. Wherever You go, envisionin­g of the pure Soul keeps happening for You, does it not?

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: This Gnan indeed procures results on its own (kriyakaari)! This has not happened for hundreds of thousands of years!

Questioner: If a crazy person envisions ‘I am wise,’ then would he actually become wise?

Dadashri: Yes, if he were to do that, then he would gradually become wise. These are all effects that have happened within, psychologi­cal effects. ‘We’ do not let even a single effect happen within.

Questioner: What about when people say, “You are like this and you are like that?”

Dadashri: People may say whatever they want to, but the effect of ‘I am like this’ should not happen. For us, all that should prevail is ‘I am pure Soul, I am pure Soul.’

Nothing envisioned by the Self goes to waste. It is good that such envisionin­g happens at a gross level and things get by. In the envisionin­g of higher levels, there are five thousand revolution­s per minute. Each person has different envisionin­g, and there are infinite types of such envisionin­g. That is why you see all kinds of people in this world!

Questioner: What is considered chintavan?

Dadashri: All these activities that you are carrying out are not referred to as chintavan. This thinking that you are doing is not is referred to as chintavan either. Chintavan is referred to as the aashay (inner wishes; design) that you have decided upon in your mind. In the mind, if the aashay of a bungalow, a garden, to educate the children has been decided on, if such chintavan is done, then one will become like that. If one envisions, ‘There

is nothing wrong in taking bribes,’ then one will end up accepting bribes. What you see today is the result of what was previously envisioned. The self becomes what it visualizes (nididhyasa­n). Some people envision, ‘My soul (atma) is a sinner.’ So then where will these people end up?

Questioner: People should envision the Self, shouldn’t they?

Dadashri: Yes, they should. Until a Gnani Purush awakens the Self, the envisionin­g is not considered to be pure, it is envisionin­g through words. It is one kind of solution. It is a midway station along the journey.

Due to the pressure of external circumstan­ces, vibrationa­l energy (kampanshak­ti) arises in the Self, and at that time, parmanu (the smallest, most indivisibl­e and indestruct­ible particle of matter) are acquired. One would attain moksha if that vibrationa­l energy were to cease for one hour! One can never attain moksha with knowledge such as, ‘I am a doctor, I am a woman, and Dada is a man.’ Moksha can only be attained with the Knowledge of ‘I am the Self.’

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