Dadavani (English)

Is There Any Hurry After Sitting on the Train of Moksha?


Questioner: Sometimes, I feel an urgency to go to moksha!

Dadashri: If you try to hurry, then you will trip and fall. Why is there an urgency to go to moksha, when You already have moksha? What is the rush? Is someone going to take Your reservatio­n? No one can touch Your reservatio­n! ‘You’ are determined about which destinatio­n [moksha] You want to go to, You have the ticket, You have everything! Just ask someone, “What is the train like?” Then he will tell you, “It is fast.” Get on it and go to sleep!

Suppose a person leaves Vadodara by train to go to Mumbai. If he keeps sticking his head out of the window to see if he can see Mumbai, then would that be fruitful in any way? What would people say? [They would ask,] “Sir, what are you looking at?” He would reply, “Is Mumbai visible, can you ask around?” “Hey mortal one, why don’t you go to sleep? Have you gone mad or something?” Even his wife would say, “He is a fool. Why did I marry him?” Would anyone do such a thing? Some people run up and down the aisle of the train. Why? [They might respond,] “I want to get there quickly. I have a relative who is very sick. I have to see him in the hospital in the morning.” Hey moral one, why are you running back and forth and pushing and shoving unnecessar­ily? You aren’t sleeping and you aren’t letting others sleep either. Dear fellow, go to him once you get off the train. Get off the train before everyone else, but for now, just sleep peacefully.

With this Gnan, You have attained the stage of the second day of the lunar fortnight. Now, as You remain in the Agnas, You will attain the stage of the full moon.

Questioner: Shouldn’t One have eagerness to quickly attain the stage of the full moon!

Dadashri: It is not a matter of hurrying. ‘You’ should follow the Agnas; that is all. When You follow them more,

they will result in the stage of the full moon. Otherwise, even the full moon will become displeased, ‘Oh my, look at that, he does not like it without me!’ ‘We like everything without you, just come to meet us ahead!’ We are going forward, so it will come to us. Why have eagerness for the state that is approachin­g You? Moksha is also approachin­g You and everything else is approachin­g You. ‘You’ should do whatever Dada says, that is all. Do not get involved in any other problem. The burden will increase if You try to hurry ahead. Who would want to take on such a burden unnecessar­ily?

Questioner: Dada, why shouldn’t one maintain the intense desire (tivrata) for it?

Dadashri: No, the intense desire only has to be maintained for remaining in these five Agnas. It is not to be maintained for those things which are an effect. ‘You’ are to maintain an intense desire for the cause; the effect is the result of that. People have missed out on the cause because of having an intense desire for the result. Is the cause more important or is the effect more important?

Questioner: The cause is important, Dada. But please say something about the intense desire for the laksh.

Dadashri: That will certainly remain. That will never decrease. If you leave home to go outside, there is no need for you to remember that you have to walk down the stairs. You just have to watch the closest step and walk down so that you do not fall. You are going to reach the ground floor for sure.

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