Dadavani (English)

Only Jagruti Is Needed


Questioner: Why does it not become natural and spontaneou­s with regard to the Agnas?

Dadashri: That is one’s own shortcomin­g.

Questioner: Which shortcomin­g

is it?

Dadashri: It is a shortcomin­g with regard to the jagruti. The upayog has to be set to a certain extent, doesn’t it?

One man was doing the Charan Vidhi while lying down. It would have taken him twenty-five minutes to complete it were he alert, in a seated position. But it took him two and a half hours to complete it while lying down. Why is that?

Questioner: He nodded off in the middle of it.

Dadashri: No, spiritual apathy (pramaad) set in, so he would forget how much he had recited. So then he would recite it again. Our Science is so wonderful; it is not possible for any interferen­ce to take place. Does it [the jagruti] remain to a certain extent?

Questioner: It is not so easy to practice all five Agnas at a time, is it! That [pramaad] draws the mind away!

Dadashri: How is [the Agna of] Seeing the pure Soul while walking along the road difficult? What’s so difficult about that? Suppose the doctor has told you to not eat with your right hand for eight to ten days. So your job is to simply remember that much, isn’t it? So all you have to do is to maintain some awareness, isn’t it? If the awareness does not remain, then that hand ends up being utilized. This has been the wrong practice since time immemorial, hasn’t it!

These five sentences [Agnas] are very profound sentences. These sentences are very ‘basic’ [simple] to understand; nonetheles­s, the basics are so profound. They become understood gradually. They may appear to be simple, and they are indeed easy, but there are many other obstacles, aren’t there! Thoughts may be running in the mind, a tornado may be whirling within, smoke may be building up, so then how can One possibly See the relative and the Real [as separate]?

Questioner: Dada, is it not a bit difficult to apply these five Agnas of yours?

Dadashri: It is only difficult because the karma bound in the past life keep jabbing you. It is because of the karma

bound in the past life that you get to eat doodhpak (milky rice pudding) today. And if you ask for more doodhpak, and as a result of consuming it, if you start dozing off, then it is not possible to apply the Agnas.

Questioner: So Dada, does this mean that wherever we miss out on following the Agnas, we miss out on staying in the upayog?

Dadashri: Of course, you missed out on it! Don’t worry about that too much. Now You should focus on how progress can be made. You are bound to miss out on it; mistakes are bound to happen. However many mistakes are Seen, that many mistakes will leave, and as they leave, they give that much energy before leaving. The weakness that had arisen due to the mistakes, when those mistakes leave, energy arises as a result. The mistakes are your superior; no one else is your superior. The blunder [the biggest mistake of believing ‘I am Chandubhai’] is gone!

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