Dalal Street Investment Journal - - SPECIAL REPORT -

Deriva­tives trad­ing is more skill­ful than plain vanilla cash trad­ing. While a trader in cash seg­ment fol­lows the mar­ket and takes a direc­tional view on the stock, a deriva­tives trader

needs to fol­low a lot more than that. For ex­am­ple, a deriva­tives trader keeps track of Greeks and OI in­for­ma­tion. In the deriva­tives mar­ket, spec­u­la­tive deals carry a lot of haz­ard. But the higher the haz­ard,

the higher the re­wards. In the deriva­tives mar­ket, risk man­age­ment is your friend, so go get the deriva­tives edge that yields the high­est re­wards and least mis­for­tunes.

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