Mi­crosoft’s Ag­gres­sive IoT Play

The com­pany has re­cently an­nounced that it will in­vest $5 bil­lion in IoT over the next 4 years glob­ally cre­at­ing a well meshed IoT ecosytem pow­ered by the Azure plat­form

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Mi­crosoft has an­nounced that the com­pany will in­vest US$5 bil­lion in the Internet of Things (IoT) glob­ally over the next 4 years. This in­creased in­vest­ment will sup­port con­tin­ued re­search and in­no­va­tion in IoT and what is ul­ti­mately evolv­ing to be the new in­tel­li­gent edge. With Mi­crosoft’s IoT plat­form span­ning cloud, op­er­at­ing sys­tem and de­vices, Mi­crosoft is sim­pli­fy­ing the IoT jour­ney so any cus­tomer—re­gard­less of size, tech­ni­cal ex­per­tise, bud­get, in­dus­try or other fac­tors—can cre­ate trusted, 48 con­nected so­lu­tions that im­prove busi­ness and cus­tomer ex­pe­ri­ences, as well as the daily lives of peo­ple all over the world.

This will sup­port Mi­crosoft’s tech­nol­ogy plat­form, as well as sup­port­ing pro­grams thereby en­abling con­tin­ued re­search and de­vel­op­ment in key ar­eas, in­clud­ing se­cur­ing IoT, cre­at­ing de­vel­op­ment tools and in­tel­li­gent ser­vices for IoT and the edge, and in­vest­ments to grow our part­ner ecosys­tem. Cus­tomers and part­ners can ex­pect new prod­ucts and ser­vices, of­fer­ings, re­sources and pro­grams.


Mi­crosoft in In­dia is go­ing very ag­gres­sive on the IoT space in sync with the global adop­tion dy­nam­ics. For in­stance, this in­vest­ment is ex­pected to boost its IoT ca­pa­bli­ties and its de­liv­ery . The com­pany says that IoT is gath­er­ing mo­men­tum in In­dia, and im­pact­ing daily lives: sav­ing elec­tric­ity, re­sources, pre­dic­tive health­care, au­to­mo­bile safety and more. It is also pitch­ing Mi­crosoft Azure as the plat­form of choice for powering a va­ri­ety of IoT de­vices.


In a me­dia re­lase sent by Mi­crosoft, it show­cased some use cases for IoT in In­dia and its ca­pa­bli­ties.

IoT Mon­i­tor­ing of Wa­ter Qual­ity: The com­pany says that au­thor­i­ties across States have turned to IoT to mon­i­tor drink­ing wa­ter qual­ity for its ci­ti­zens. TechS­pan En­gi­neer­ing has im­ple­mented a mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem built on the Azure IoT plat­form, us­ing sen­sors pro­vided by the Aus­trian firm s::can and their In­dia Part­ner Aaxis Nano. Us­ing the power of the Mi­crosoft cloud, IoT and data, the so­lu­tion taps into the ro­bust s::can sen­sors to pro­vide mea­sure­ments across 17 pa­ram­e­ters – from Chem­i­cal Oxy­gen De­mand (COD) and Bi­o­log­i­cal Oxy­gen De­mand (BOD), Chlo­ride and Flu­o­ride lev­els to tem­per­a­ture and color. The so­lu­tion is cur­rently be­ing used for Mon­i­tor­ing drink­ing wa­ter qual­ity on­line by the Ban­ga­lore Wa­ter Sup­ply and Sew­er­age Board (125 sta­tions) and Kar­nataka Ur­ban Wa­ter Sup­ply and Drainage Board (KUWSDB) in Hubli, Dhar­wad and Bi­japur (3 sta­tions) On­line sur­face wa­ter qual­ity mon­i­tor­ing by Cen­tral Pol­lu­tion Con­trol Board, New Delhi (44 sta­tions) and Cen­tral Wa­ter Com­mis­sion, New Delhi (3 sta­tions) On­line in­dus­trial pol­lu­tion mon­i­tor­ing (1500+ sta­tions) On­line sewage treat­ment and flow mon­i­tor­ing by Delhi Jal Board (36 sta­tions)

IoT based Smart Light­ing: In­dia’s first Smart Street Light­ing Pro­ject for the pink city of Jaipur, is an­other pro­ject the com­pany feels is a game changer in terms of trans­form­ing pub­lic spa­ces dig­i­tally. The Jaipur Mu­nic­i­pal Cor­po­ra­tion (JMC) op­er­ates and main­tains over 100,000 pub­lic street lights within the city. How­ever, one of three in these lamps did not work and many oth­ers func­tioned poorly, lead­ing to sev­eral ar­eas of the city be­ing in the dark. Mi­crosoft’s part­ner Sa­mu­dra LED has now de­ployed a cus­tom­ized Mi­crosoft IoT-plat­form-based so­lu­tion cre­ated by ISV Precimetrix to mon­i­tor, con­trol and man­age smart LED pub­lic street lights. The pro­ject will ben­e­fit 1.65 mil­lion peo­ple through im­proved street light­ing and a re­duc­tion of green­house gas emis­sions by 36,750 met­ric tons/year. It will also re­sult in $1 mil­lion per year in fis­cal sav­ings ac­crued to the govern­ment due to re­duced en­ergy con­sump­tion. This pro­ject is on Azure plat­form.

Mean­while re­searchers at IISc Ban­ga­lore are also us­ing a net­work of IoT sen­sors cou­pled with Mi­crosoft Azure an­a­lyt­ics to find how cloud tech­nolo­gies can help tackle wa­ter scarcity in ci­ties.

An­other in­ter­est­ing one re­lates to IoT in Agri­cul­ture. Mi­crosoft Far­mBeats is a re­search pro­ject for agri­cul­ture that en­ables seam­less data col­lec­tion from var­i­ous sen­sors, cam­eras and drones. It com­prises two broad

Mi­crosoft Far­mBeats is a re­search pro­ject for agri­cul­ture that en­ables seam­less data col­lec­tion from var­i­ous sen­sors, cam­eras and drones

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