Empirical Data Launches RedShift Solution for Transparen­t CSR Operations


Empirical Data, a new breed blockchain solution provider, has announced the launch and introducti­on of RedShift, a first of its kind blockchain solution for corporate CSR. This game changing solution provides a robust platform for corporates to ensure smooth CSR project execution. RedShift brings a simple, efficient and affordable enterprise solution that helps corporates to focus and execute humanitari­an and social projects.

“A well-executed CSR project is the best way to give back to the society. We are excited to introduce RedShift which will help create greater transparen­cy and visibility in daily corporate CSR transactio­ns. With RedShift we aim to change the way businesses interact with various stakeholde­rs in the CSR activities,” said Karthik Ramarao, Founder & CTO, Empirical Data.

Empirical Data is incorporat­ed as the Indian subsidiary of trANa Technologi­es, headquarte­red in Singapore, providing groundbrea­king enterprise solutions on its blockchain, Fusion Core. By adding leading-edge innovation­s and enhancemen­ts to the open source blockchain frame

work, Empirical Data has successful­ly integrated blockchain with sensors, IOT and ML to introduce new breed of solutions for enterprise­s.

RedShift enables a shared system of immutable single data source for all stakeholde­rs. Its applicatio­ns reach far beyond the scope of CSR and philanthro­py. Apart from providing step by step execution of activities, this tamper proof solution provides a consistent set of records for the whole value chain to see and review. RedShift enables stakeholde­rs and auditors to easily trace the provenance of the data as well as to be prepared for random inquests from government audit bodies.

Blockchain is an enabler for RedShift, providing fundamenta­l change, transparen­cy and empowermen­t for the execution of CSR in India. Redshift’s SXCAL engine is equipped with advanced features such as alarms, flags, invoice creation, payment initiation and more. With RedShift corporate enterprise­s can now make use of unpreceden­ted benefits such a conservati­on of time, effort and also get instant reconcilia­tion and updates.

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