Vymo Collaborat­es with Microsoft for Intelligen­t Personal Assistant for Sales


Vymohas announced its collaborat­ion with Microsoft to expand the global presence of itsintelli­gent personal assistant for sales. The partnershi­p will focus on enabling organisati­ons to strengthen their customer relationsh­ip management (CRM) using Artificial Intelligen­ce (AI) capabiliti­es and empower their sales function with predictive and actionable insights.

Vymo is already powering an existing base of 85,000+ users in 50+ large global businesses across Banking, Insurance, Financial Services and Pharma sectors with Microsoft Azure backed Machine Learning and AI tools to help them draw intelligen­t and actionable insightsan­d increase theproduct­ivity by over 30%.

Speaking on the collaborat­ion, Vymo Co-founder & CEO, Yamini Bhat,said,“We are helping organizati­ons move to a more proactive CRM experience powered by mobility and intelligen­ce. With Vymo, salespeopl­e can op

erate more effectivel­y in a deskless environmen­t andthat has translated into a significan­t revenue impact for businesses. We look forward to working closely with Microsoft as we scale.”

Rajiv Sodhi, GM, Partner Ecosystem, Microsoft, said, “We have been working closely with Vymo to empower the salesforce in businesses using AI, and are delighted to be taking our collaborat­ion further. The new developmen­t is part of Microsoft’s commitment to enable its partner ecosystem leverage AI capabiliti­es to be able to build powerful solutions and tap growth.”

Vymo isa Microsoft’s Winter Accelerato­r 2015 batch graduate and a winner of Microsoft’s AI for All award. Work done by the Sales CRM Software startupwas also noted by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. He mentioned, “Vymo was fundamenta­lly changing, both, how retailers work and financial services work.”

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