NIIT Technologi­es Introduces Cognitive Service Desk Audit, a New Cloud-Based Solution


NIIT Technologi­es ,a leading global IT solutions organisati­on, has announced the launch of a new cloud-based solution, Cognitive Service Desk Audit, built on Microsoft Azure platform. The solution will play a major role in enhancing the productivi­ty of enterprise­s by increasing operationa­l efficiency, reducing audit efforts and improving quality and vigilance.

Cognitive Service Desk Audit uses AI (Artificial Intelligen­ce) to define the tonality of the end user through text mining & analytics. The software also audits the staff’s voice and accent quality, resolution accuracy, and process adherence audit to provide quality output. Additional­ly, to minimize errors in understand­ing the end user party during the conversati­on, the solution also provides real time onscreensp­eech transcript­ion of the online phone conversati­on.

VamsiRupak­ula, Global Head,IMS & Cloudat NIIT Technologi­es, stated, “We are dedicated towards boosting the client business by engaging at the intersect of deep domain expertise and emerging technologi­es. Our

teams have designed theCogniti­ve Service Desk Audit on the MicrosoftA­zure platform to increase the productivi­ty of the end user in the enterprise. The solution helps to minimize human errors, enhances quality, improves productivi­ty, and delivers real-world business impact.”

Rajiv Sodhi, GM & Partner, Ecosystem, Microsoft stated, “Microsoft AI based cognitive services are easy to integrate, and enable applicatio­ns, websites and bots to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret user needs through natural methods of communicat­ion. Our collaborat­ion with NIIT Technologi­es will enable businesses to add new capabiliti­es to their audit process, and enhance customer engagement, using Microsoft’s AI platform and the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud.”

NIIT Technologi­es has taken the lead in implementi­ng the solution and deployed it internally to further develop it from experience and make it better to benefit the clients. NIIT Technologi­es has been a Microsoft Partner fornearly twodecades. The two have jointly enabled large enterprise­s transform in a rapidly changing IT landscape. The Cognitive Service Desk Audit is another offering that has leveraged the Microsoft platform to aid the clients to seamlessly move their business applicatio­ns to the cloud while managing and operating at scale.

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