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Fintech companies are now going forward using a lot of Smart technologi­es such as IoT, AI and ML. Samco is one such Fintech company, experiment­ing with Smart-Tec in order to keep pace with the fast changing world. We had an exclusive interactio­n with its CTO, Pratik Dilip Adani. Excerpts follow:

Give us brief details of the technology used by your organisati­ons, especially AI and other related technologi­es. We are using a lot of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning technologi­es to analyse, process and give our customers real time actionable insights using which they can trade with ease. The idea is to shield the customers from millions of data points and just give them relevant informatio­n which is personalis­ed rather than generic

Are these technologi­es developed in-house or has there been collaborat­ion with other organisati­ons?

Yes, we strongly believe in two things for our customers, to create long term wealth and to make sure our customers do not lose money. We significan­tly believe, that huge opportunit­y exists in solving both these problems and hence we develop our own product for which we have an excellent in-house team working on the latest technologi­es and helping us achieve the afore mentioned goals. All these technology systems are proprietar­y to Samco.

How do you keep your technologi­cal know-how updated with the fast moving developmen­ts in the IT sector?

The ever changing technologi­es for innovation are advancing so quickly in our current business, in order to keep your technical skills up to date can be a difficult task, but it is extremely important for those in the tech industry, where fast-moving changes impact work dramatical­ly. Hence we have our employees enrolled for online training programs apart from that we also have an internal knowledge-base managed by the internal active tech members.

What is the current state of Fintechs in the Indian market?

Globally, the Fintech industry is divided into Lending, Personal finance, Payments, WealthTech and Regtech. We think of ourselves in the Wealthtech domain. Most of the Fintechs are concentrat­ing on providing an executionb­ased platform. When a customer comes to their platform they assume that they know what they want to buy or sell. We on the other hand, are making all our products in a way where besides being an excellent execution platform we get involved in decision making for the customer. Our Stocknote and RANKMF platforms are testament of this philosophy where we help our customers by using tech driven proprietar­y products to take an informed decision. Our Giga trading engine provides auto-generated research so our clients can be abreast with the latest informatio­n as soon as it is out. Also, our Smart SIP is another asset which allows investors to make automatic adjustment­s to market volatility along with the traditiona­l SIPs to make higher returns compared to the traditiona­l SIP. MosDex considers the margin of safety of stocks before investing.

How do you train your workforce to upgrade themselves in the newly emerging technologi­es? What kind of training programme do you use?

Each employee is accessed on the basis of their current calibre. Further, the human resource and training team creates a personalis­ed learning programme based on the availabili­ty of resource and time dedicated by the willing employee. Then comes the task of motivating the individual to learn more and implement to create and efficient product. We strive to induce the culture of learning, asset building and mentoring.

a) Domain Orientatio­n

: Since we hire employees of various streams we make sure that they go through a domain training. This is a must for everyone in our company right from an intern to a Management role, everyone needs to go through it. Onboard trainings ideally start on the first day of employment and may carry on throughout the first year as needed.

b) Technical Developmen­t Training

: Technical skills training is a mandatory employee education trait because it’s the primary way your employees will know how to technicall­y do their jobs. And for those who already know how to do their jobs, we make sure that they still have a lot to learn with our mentoring programs. We involve our Core experts in creating new training programs. Employees need to engage in ongoing learning on a regular basis to stay up-to-date with the latest technologi­es.

c) Products training

Product trainings can either be a part of on boarding for new joinees or can be available for any employees who need refreshers on the products and services offered by the organisati­on. This type of training can also be used to educate staff on newly introduced products, services or features in order to stay enlightene­d.

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