In its fifteenth year now, the DQ Top T-School Survey is a highly respected and pioneering barometre on the state of technical education in India. The T-School rankings, based on DQ’s PACE Framework, are much sought-after by the industry, for the deep in


The world around us has been transformi­ng at a very dramatic pace. The way we communicat­e, travel, play and work has changed irreversib­ly, and with the speed of change anticipate­d to be even swifter in the times ahead. The incredible speed of technologi­cal change, as evinced from the breakthrou­ghs in Industry 4.0 (comprising of Internet of Things(IoT) and smart sensors, big data, automation, robotics, and additive manufactur­ing, and permeated by Artificial Intelligen­ce across all these domains), among others, puts engineers and engineerin­g expertise right in the centre of action, than ever before. As new technologi­cal 12

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