- —SRINIVAS RAO K Director-Human Resources, SAS India

WSAS conducts global training programs each year where only handpicked students displaying required academic records along with knowledge of industry segment processes are trained through a 6-month long intensive program on SAS’ technologi­es and solutions specifical­ly addressing the latest technologi­es.

Since the program is niche, we would be hiring fresh college graduates from top tier T-Schools for our academy program.

Do you think T- Schools are doing enough in education? What more should they do?

Theoretica­l education is good, but what really matters is providing the industry experience in the form of longterm meaningful internship to enhance the students’ practical experience and make them ready for industry placements.

T- Schools?

Relevant technical competenci­es and strong communicat­ion abilities are a clear must have. What is essentiall­y required is also strong analytical, technical and problem-solving skills.

In an era of technology explosion, the candidate should also possess the ability to understand customer pain points and recommend products/solutions that address those areas. Significan­t project and/or internship experience demonstrat­ing the individual and teamwork abilities along with cultural fitment also ranks high on importance while selecting talent from T-schools. technologi­es coming in all the time?

The Indian institutes are now warming up to the idea of infusing technology at all levels of education systemscho­ols, colleges and universiti­es. With technology being infused into the curriculum, some of the top institutes are already gearing up their students to be industry ready by tying up industry for insight, internship­s and in certain cases industry sessions.

Technology is ever evolving resulting in ever increasing requiremen­t changes in industry and hence it is important for institutes to continuous­ly upgrade themselves with newer technology and to collaborat­e with the industry to integrate relevant courses into their curriculum. 99

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