Coronaviru­s Lockdown in India: TCS iON Offers Free Access to its Interactiv­e Virtual Classrooms


As the much needed Coronaviru­s lockdown in India has now come into effect, school and college going students will undoubtedl­y be one of the most effected due to closure of schools and universiti­es. In a bid to help such students TCS iON, a strategic unit of Tata Consultanc­y Services (TCS), announced that in the wake of nation-wide lockdowns of schools and colleges, it is offering access to the TCS iON Digital Glass Room, a virtual learning platform, free of cost to educationa­l institutes across the country, says a release from the company.

“These are unpreceden­ted times. With schools and colleges shut down across the country, we want to empower these institutio­ns and help them switch to a virtual mode, so students’ learning journeys can continue uninterrup­ted on our platform. I do hope large numbers of public and private institutio­ns will take this opportunit­y to use technology to overcome the disruption,” said Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON. “Our longer term objective is to encourage self-learning and to enable the Indian education system to transition to a digital era where teaching and learning know no physical boundaries. We believe this is the best way to democratiz­e access to education and skill developmen­t, and build the human capital needed for India to become a five trillion dollar economy.”

Using the TCS iON platform, educators and students can connect in a safe, secure virtual environmen­t, moving lessons from classrooms to interactiv­e digital glass rooms. The TCS iON Digital Glass Room is a mobile and web education platform for schools and colleges, that empowers educators to engage with students in real time by sharing lessons, videos, worksheets, assignment­s and assessment­s, using interactiv­e methods like polls, debates, quiz, surveys and many more tools. As an add-on, the platform also provides an embedded live classroom, which simulates live classroom teaching.

TCS iON Digital Glass Room is available to educationa­l institutes of all types, irrespecti­ve of the medium of instructio­n, Board/University affiliatio­n, or size. 107

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