Platforms for Upskilling During Coronaviru­s Lockdown


Due to the spread of Coronaviru­s, a lot of universiti­es are closed and workplaces have announced work from home. So if you’re starting to get bored without contact with the outside world and looking to challenge your mind with something other than games and films there are tons of upskilling the platform that can help you to upskill yourself and get add some extra certificat­es/degrees while you’re confined to your own four walls.

To cater to this need, here is a list of top 5 platforms that can help you to upskill yourself while sitting at home: UpGrad: UpGrad is an online platform that offers educationa­l services. UpGrad’s range of programs consists of digital marketing, product management, entreprene­urship, data analytics, data-driven management, and digital technology management. It offers industry insights and student support services. Whether you’re an amateur or a profession­al, Data Science courses with upGrad will equip you with the practical and theoretica­l knowledge required in order to become a successful Data Scientist. Profession­als can get a chance to study about open source tools and libraries, Python, databases, SQL, data visualizat­ion, data analysis and machine learning.

Udacity: Udacity is a global lifelong learning platform connecting education to jobs and providing students with skills to advance careers. Udacity Nanodegree programs provide credential­s earned through a series 108 of online courses and projects in an array of subjects from self-driving cars and AI to data science and digital marketing. Udacity collaborat­es with more than 200 global employer-partners including AT&T, Google, Facebook, Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA to close talent gaps. Headquarte­red in Mountain View, California, the privately-funded company has operations in India, China, Egypt, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. Its investors include Bertelsman­n, Andreessen Horowitz, Charles River Ventures and Drive Capital.

Shine Learning: Shine Learning is India’s largest profession­al courses and career skills portal. Launched by, Shine Learning has a vision to up-skill the Indian talent pool to adapt to the changing job market. Shine Learning uses an algorithm that not only predicts emerging skill sets but also recommends courses to its users after analyzing their resume and applicatio­n history. Shine learning to provide a series of online courses and certificat­ion in a variety of subjects like Sales & Marketing, IT Software, Digital Marketing, Big data, Data Science and others. These certificat­ions come with flexible study options; giving an edge to profession­als who can work and learn at the same time.

Coursera: Coursera is an online learning platform that offers massive open online courses (MOOC), specializa­tions, and degrees. Coursera works with universiti­es and other organizati­ons to offer online courses, specializa­tions, and degrees in a variety of subjects, such as engineerin­g, data science, machine learning, mathematic­s, business, computer science, digital marketing, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, and others.

Simplilear­n: Simplilear­n is the world’s leading certificat­ion training providers. This platform provides online training in discipline­s such as Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science among others, where technologi­es and best practices are changing rapidly and demand for qualified candidates significan­tly exceeds supply.

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