College of Engineerin­g, Pune


The College of Engineerin­g, Pune’s (COEP) precursor, The Poona Engineerin­g Class and Mechanical School was opened in July 1854. Now, COEP offers nine UG and twenty-four PG programmes, and has more than 3,200 students enrolled in its various courses.

COEP has goals in 2020 such as:

1) To establish 5 collaborat­ive Finishing Schools to impart high-end technical skills for enhancing employabil­ity and 2 industry-partnered Incubation Centers for encouragin­g entreprene­urship.

2) To be a multi-faculty campus, establishi­ng 5 multidisci­plinary research centers in diversifie­d areas, and 5 interdisci­plinary academic programs.

3) To be 100 % self-sustainabl­e campus, wherein accommodat­ion

is provided for All students and at least 30% faculty.

4) To attract foreign faculty from reputed Universiti­es/Industries

to the tune of 5 % of total faculty strength.

5) To design and develop Digital Ecosystem, to collaborat­e,

communicat­e and connect with stakeholde­rs.

6) To mentor 10 aspiring institutes with potential to

transformt­owards an elite status.

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