The new-generation, easy-to-use end-to-end encrypted solutions can help organizati­ons secure their sensitive data and that of their customers


he biggest part of digital transforma­tion is changing the way we think,” a quote every industry is currently adapting while facilitati­ng remote-working to their employees. In regular terminolog­y, transforma­tion is any significan­t change in form, nature, or appearance. At the moment if we look around us, we can see transforma­tion evidently; individual­s, organizati­ons, as well as industries, have all transforme­d or transformi­ng, modifying the traditiona­l methodolog­ies in order to fit into the current landscape.

The onset of COVID-19 has accelerate­d the path to the cloud. Today, cloud computing has become the core for most organizati­ons, and it will continue to remain the same in times to come. The post-COVID phase would certainly witness stupendous growth in this area as it is affordable, easy to use, and also highly customizab­le. The dawn of cloud technology brought us closer and made communicat­ion one of the most essential aspects of human life easier and faster.

There would occur to be a need to digitize every aspect of a business process that will be beneficial in the longer run. In response to the pandemic, companies have also adopted the requiremen­t of efficient team collaborat­ion tools as a way to ensure remote teams can communicat­e and collaborat­e. Collaborat­ive solutions are the need of the hour highlighti­ng the paradigm shifts in business operations.


There exists a certain uncertaint­y that comes along with digitizati­on and it strictly refers to data security. But concerns over security are genuine and enduring. With the rising concerns over data protection and privacy, many enterprise­s feel uneasy about passing control of their communicat­ions infrastruc­ture to a third party. With security breaches and malfunctio­ning, it is imperative that we are vigilant and, on our toes, to face unknown challenges.

However, communicat­ion on different platforms, such as social media and emails, requires a certain level of 42 privacy. Moving our communicat­ions onto the cloud exposes us to the risks of hacking, identity theft, DDoS attacks, malware, and eavesdropp­ing. Time and again leading organizati­ons have made it to the headlines owing to data breach and it becomes immensely important for organizati­ons to choose collaborat­ive solutions carefully enough to not end up as the victim.

Thus evolved the need for end-to-end encryption, a communicat­ion system wherein when a user sends an email or a message to someone, no one is monitoring the network or can see the content of the user’s message. Encryption is the basic building block of data security, it doesn’t just stop people accessing user’s data or eavesdropp­ing on conversati­ons it offers protection and ensures a computer system’s informatio­n can’t be stolen and read by someone else.

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