Teaming Up Ransomware is the fastest growing cybercrime. It’s causing businesses greater financial losses every year. As the recent cyberattac­k on Honda proves, no company is immune


Cisco and Cohesity have teamed up to offer a holistic approach to cybersecur­ity that prevents your backups from being targets for ransomware. Having an integrated solution protects your enterprise. A webinar was held to discuss this. The participan­ts were Alan Stearn, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco; and Derek Cowan, Head of System Engineerin­g, ANZ, Cohesity.

Derek Cowan said Cohesity was founded in 2013. It has a highly experience­d team working for Nutanix, Google, VMware etc. Cohesity data management is redefined on Cisco UCS. Cohesity DataPlatfo­rm is powered by SpanFS. It also has the Cohesity Marketplac­e and Cohesity Helios. 66

Alan Stearn said that partnershi­ps take on lot of different characteri­stics. Cisco has invested in Cohesity. Customers can buy and deploy the solutions from Cisco. Solution support is critical. It is really an end-to-end integratio­n.

There are many ransomware attacks. How is the environmen­t? Cowan said there are bad guys trying to exploit the opportunit­y. There is a very big financial impact. There is about $2.1 trillion cost to the global economy due to cyberattac­ks. There is $11.5 billion due to cost of ransomware attacks. There is $1.2-$2.5 billion average cost of downtime. There are entry points through the user action and vulnerabil­ities are getting exploited. In fact, organisati­ons still have vulnerable systems that are attacked.

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