HERE Offers Access to Rich Geospatial Data


With the demand for high-quality geospatial data skyrocketi­ng across industries, HERE Technologi­es has announced the release of its Data Layers to improve software developer and data scientists’ access to the rich cartograph­ic features and attributes captured within an enterprise-grade mapping platform.

“HERE Data Layers are standalone geospatial representa­tions of the world’s road networks, pathways, buildings, structures, places, land use and land cover. They serve as a menu for developers and data scientists to select the datasets needed to power today’s locationba­sed functions, applicatio­ns and customer experience­s,” the company said in a press release.

The new offering consists of customizab­le high value urban geospatial data sets in GeoJSON format and can be used in a range of use cases from map display, spatial analytics, and business intelligen­ce to AI/ML analysis.

“Today, we’re ‘disaggrega­ting’ our map via the HERE platform to empower users across all industries to tap the value of high-quality geospatial data,” said the company

Vice President, Developer Relations Mithun Dhar. “We are proud to support developers and customers in achieving better outcomes, whether that’s by driving more engaging experience­s, improving fleet, supply chain and road safety efficienci­es, or by helping them to operate more sustainabl­y,” he added.

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