Pine Labs Updates In-store Payment and Gateway


Merchant commerce platforms Pine Labs, has announced that the company has integrated over 50 third-party business apps with its payments infrastruc­ture. These can be downloaded and used on the company’s Android PoS, Plutus Smart. “This has helped create an integrated app ecosystem for small merchants who can now use Plutus Smart for GST billing, inventory management, barcode scanning, and loyalty solutions,” the company stated in a press release.

Small businesses like kirana stores, mobile stores, and pharmacies are major beneficiar­ies of this democratiz­ation of technology as they now have access to an integrated platform through Pine Labs’ Android PoS, right out of the box. Commenting on the app ecosystem, the company CTO Sanjeev Kumar said, “We have strong built-in security checks and balances to ensure all these thirdparty applicatio­ns that are introduced into our payment infrastruc­ture are compliant and safe for our merchants.

Only authorised PoS terminals can download and run these apps which undergo vulnerabil­ity testing checks before making it live. Even after the testing phase, the apps need to be signed using Pine Labs keys before they are made live, thereby eliminatin­g any possibilit­y of unauthoris­ed use.”

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