It’s all in the comics

A look at the four il­lus­tra­tors from the city who will be part of Hyderabad’s first edi­tion of the Comic-Con Ex­press


Meet the four par­tic­i­pants for Hyderabad’s first edi­tion of the Comic-Con Ex­press sched­uled to take place over Septem­ber 21 and 22: Ravi Teja Govin­daraju is an IITChen­nai grad­u­ate, Ramya Shri­ram works for a pub­lish­ing firm, Sri Priy­atham is wait­ing to com­plete his in­tern­ship and re­ceive his Fine Arts de­gree from JNAFAU and Aditya Chilu­mula, who is “just go­ing to turn 18”.

Ravi Teja Govin­daraju,

graphic de­signer

Af­ter go­ing through a gru­elling four years at IITChen­nai, Ravi re­alised that en­gi­neer­ing wasn’t his cup of tea. It was in fact, de­sign­ing “tees” with witty Hyderabad-cen­tric slo­gans. A first timer at Comic Con, 23- year-old Ravi Teja has been a graphic de­signer for close to three years. “I came up with the T-shirts idea two months back. My aim is to sell sou­venir-based mer­chan­dise to tourists,” says Ravi, who is orig­i­nally from Nellore.

Ramya Shri­ram, car­toon­ist

Hav­ing grad­u­ated from VIT, 25-year-old Ramya Shri­ram would have never thought that her doo­dles would some­day be show­cased at Comic-Con Ex­press Ben­galuru and now at Hyderabad.

“Car­toons started as just a hobby and then I worked for a mag­a­zine, Hel­ter Skel­ter, in Mum­bai, for a year,” says Ramya, a full-time edi­tor for a pub­lish­ing firm in Hyderabad.

“I have taken part in Comic Cons twice in Ben­galuru, but I am ex­cited and ner­vous about this one. There’s a lot of in­ter­est among peo­ple and I am look­ing for­ward to the event,” says Ramya.

Sri Priy­atham, car­i­ca­tur­ist Of the four, Priy­atham is the only one who has a de­gree in Fine Arts. “In In­dia, peo­ple give more im­por­tance to artists, but not much to il­lus­tra­tors or car­toon­ists. And if you are into car­i­ca­tures, peo­ple will as­sume that you can only find a job in news­pa­pers. But when you go abroad, you’ll be amazed to see the kind of re­spect car­toon­ists or il­lus­tra­tors re­ceive. My aim is to change such per­cep­tions,” he says.

Aditya Chilu­mula, artist

The youngest of the lot is Aditya who just com­pleted Class XII from In­dus School. Hav­ing picked up draw­ing “maybe” from the age of five, Aditya’s large scale draw­ings are based on iconic mo­ments from movies. “My grand­fa­ther was a make-up artist and I would look at his sketches. That’s where I got my in­spi­ra­tion from,” says Aditya, who moved back to the city in 2008 from the US.

I have taken part in Comic-Cons in Ben­galuru, but I am ex­cited and ner­vous about this one


SKETCHED: (From left) Ravi Teja Govin­daraju, Aditya Chilu­mula and Sri Priy­atham

Ramya Shri­ram’s stick cartoon

Mr Bean by Sri Priy­atham

Ravi Teja’s slo­gan T-shirt

Joker on char­coal by Aditya

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