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hu­mans are equal and all these dis­par­i­ties are man­made. On a su­per­fi­cial level they have dif­fer­ences but no­body was born with more or less…ev­ery­body has the same vein for life run­ning through them. So I can­not get my head around why some­body would want to dis­play such ab­ject elitism,” he says with the se­ri­ous­ness that is sel­dom at­trib­uted to him.

He’s nat­u­rally cheer­ful and that is some­thing th a t s t r a ngely doesn’t sit well with many in the in­dus­try who ex­pect a cer­tain de­gree of p r o p r i e t y. Ran­veer is fully aware of the de­ri­sion that has been di­rected to him even in the light of his stu­pen­dous ca­reer graph, and he him­self likes to con­stantly project his light-hearted side. In his words, he is “pre­dis­posed to mis­chief and the de­sire to revel in mirth”. Tell him that even the chirpi­est per­son has some but­tons that shouldn’t be pushed, and Ran­veer nods in agree­ment. He doesn’t get an­gry much, but says, “I have a min­i­mal tol­er­ance for in­sin­cer­ity. Some­body who is very sin­cere makes my heart glow. Whether or not the per­son is com­pe­tent or works smartly is an­other mat­ter. As long as they work hard and are sin­cere, it makes me happy. There’s noth­ing worse than be­ing ca­pa­ble, yet not do­ing jus­tice to the work at hand.”

This, of course, Ran­veer speaks about in a purely pro­fes­sional set­ting. “I’m com­pletely chilled out out­side of work. I’m both fun-lov­ing and se­ri­ous at work and per­son­ally. I’m se­ri­ous when I’m re­quired to be,” he says.

The con­trasts ex­tend to his famed en­ergy lev­els too. Al­though he’s al­ways been the high-oc­tane kid, Ran­veer re­veals that he goes through pro­longed down times as well. “I’m not lazy. But I’m also ca­pa­ble of sleep­ing for 24 hours. If I don’t need to be ac­tive, I can re­main in some kind of veg­e­ta­tive state,” he guffaws.

Talk­ing to him is like talk­ing to two dif­fer­ent people rolled in one. The mer­ry­maker, the re­flec­tive one, the vi­brant ac­tor and the one who can go through sea­sons of hi­ber­na­tion. Point out the con­trasts and he just shrugs it off with a smile. There’s surely a lot one doesn’t know about a man who is fre­quently la­belled. Ran­veer adds, “One of the things that people don’t know about me is that I don’t evade or shy away from con­flict. If you got to do it, you got to do it.” So what else is he will­ing to re­veal about him­self that we don’t get to read about? “Well, I’ve got­ten into trou­ble with the law on var­i­ous oc­ca­sions, al­beit all mi­nor. I’m not a bad per­son who hurts people or some­thing. I’ve ba­si­cally got­ten into trou­ble for hav­ing too much fun. What would con­sti­tute as fun? I’ll leave that to your imag­i­na­tion!” he laughs again.

He in­sin­u­ates about his wild streak with­out say­ing much, but prod him about his pas­sion­ate side, and he ad­mits to be­ing “all heart”. “I’m a heart per­son. All my de­ci­sions are heart de­ci­sions. They may not be good busi­ness ones and my fa­ther is pet­ri­fied by my de­ci­sions, but I can’t have it any other way. They may not work all the time, but just the fact that I made them from my heart makes me feel like I can live with them. Ev­ery time my heart is not in it and it’s a busi­ness de­ci­sion, it’s un­canny how it has not worked out. If your heart is in it, the out­come is in­ci­den­tal.”

Be­ing a “heart” guy is def­i­nitely a big plus in a re­la­tion­ship. The ac­tor, who is ru­moured to be dat­ing the lis­some Deepika Padukone, says he’s the great­est boyfriend on earth. He de­clares, “You can check with the women, but I know that I’m the best boyfriend. I can be too sen­ti­men­tal though. And I can be pos­ses­sive too. But I’ve learnt how to con­trol that side of me. One of them (his girl­friends) ex­plained to me about how re­la­tion­ships are like grains of sand. I’ve learnt not to let things slip away.”

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